Homeopathic Remedies for Accidents


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BurnAs soon as clothes catch fire, cast them off, let one roll rapidly on the ground or cover up with thick blanket or mattress; never run about in panic. Apply to the bum—methylated or rectified spirit, if available, or a solution of washing soda (in 10 times of water) or Cantharis 2x-6x.

It is a mistake to apply greasy things like carron- oil (coconut or linseed oil plus lime water) or dry things like arrow-root or lime or flour or fermenting things like treacle etc., though people do apply Indian ink, paste of mashed potato or ripe plaintain, mud, oil of any kind, juice of vegetable stems or leaves. All these produce pus and blood-poisoning lateron. It is always necessary to keep the burnt-parts away from air, the patient should be kept warm and his pain relieved. Homoeopath recommends these: Apply locally Cantharis 2x-6x and give internally 12x-30. If the blistered area is a small one, apply locally Cantharis or Urtica Urens Ө (1 dram in 1 oz. water). If the burnt-area is hot and swollen; there are fever, thirst, dry skin, fever and anxiety, give Aconite 3x. If the blister is black and the burnt area smarts and if fever, thirst, debility and fear of impending death are present, Ars. 6. If pus forms, Hepar 6 internally and a lotion of Calendula (Calendula Ө 1 part in 10 parts of olive-oil) to be applied locally. Wash the sores in warm boric-lotion. If the part mortifies, Silicea 30 or Sulphur 30. [The best modem treatment is to seal the parts under aseptic precautions of melted paraffin.]

Muscular Fatigue—It leads to pains and aches and sometimes to formation of blisters. Rest and Arnica 3x cure it. Tepid bath is permitted.

Cuts—Take special care to clean the part by at first bathing it in the oozing blood and then in clean water. Having done so, cover it up with a piece of clean cloth or some absorbent wool.

Bleeding or Haemorrhage: It must be stopped under any circumstances if it is free, as otherwise it will rapidly kill. An arterial bleeding is more rapidly fatal and difficult to control. An arterial bleeding occurs in spurts and the blood is scarlet red. Venous bleeding is a continuous pouring out of blackish blood. To stop bleeding, in the case of arterial bleeding, apply pressure over the proximal cut-end- i.e., that end which is nearest to the heart; in case of venous bleeding, press over the distal end—i.e., the end away from the center. To apply pressure, use the ball of your thumb at first and in the meantime let someone else hurriedly roll up a piece of rag in the shape of a marble. Put this pledget of cloth upon the end to be pressed upon and over it apply a loose noose of cord or cloth; insert anything handy below the noose and by its means twist the noose round and round till the noose so firmly presses on the pledget of rag as to effectively stop bleeding. Then send for the doctor. In the meantime patient should not move nor get up or get excited.

In cases of arterial bleeding give Arnica 3x internally and apply locally Calendula Ө (1 in 8 parts of water); In case of venous bleeding, give Hamamelis 3x internally and apply lotion of its Ө (1 in 8) locally.

[Epistaxis or bleeding from the nose: —See under “Diseases of Nose.]”

Bleeding from Gums: —Seen chiefly after tooth extraction in those who have a bleeding tendency; the bleeding may prove fatal.


If it is arterial or scarlet blood, soak a pledget of cotton in Calendula Ө (1 part mixed with 10 parts of water) and press it home into the bleeding gum; to keep it in position, put a cork over it and press down the opposing set of teeth. If it is venous or impure blood, use similarly lotion of Hamamelis 0.

Wounds and Injuries: —Sprains, strains, bruises, cuts, etc. may occur. Bruises (black and blue)—Apply Arnica Ө lotion (1 in 8 parts of water). If this fails try, Hamamelis.

  • Punctured wound (as by a nail being driven in or by rat-bite)—Hypericum 3 internally and HypericumӨ lotion (1 in 8 parts of water) locally.
  • Poisoned wounds— Hypericum 200 internally, and warm poultices externally.
  • Lacerated wounds (as when one is run over or caught between the wheels of machinery)—Staphysagria 3-30 internally and lotion of Ө (1 in 10 parts of water) externally.
  • Incised or clean-cut wound as well as in bums due to gun-powder—30 drops of CalendulaӨ in 1 oz. of water locally.
  • Poisoned wound due to gun powder and resisting other treatments or in blood-poisoning—Gun-powder 3x (in 8 grain doses) thrice daily. The general rule about all cuts is—arrest bleeding and clean up the wound. Unless severe, every bleeding can be arrested by applying firm pressure with a pledget of wool nicely bandaged up. A clean wound can be dressed by spreading over it a few crystals of sugar every 3 or 4 days and bandaging it up. It is the height of foolishness to apply earth, mud, cow dung or chewed leaves of grass as these may endanger life by producing tetanus, tuberculosis or blood-poisoning. A wound kept clean heals up spontaneously. Cow’s ghee is an all-round excellent ointment.
  • In fractures get the bones set into proper position by competent surgeons and give internally Symphytum In case of wounds, if there is fever, chill, thirst, anxiety, fear of impending death Acon. 3x. If the whole body is painful, due to some local wound: Arnica 6. Weakness due to excessive bleeding from wound China 6 or Ars. 6.

Gunshot Wounds—During inflammatory stage Ferrum Phos. 1x or Aconite 3x. Blood-poisoning and local mortification: Lachesis 6 or Echinacea 6 and local application of Calendula, lotion. If tetanus sets in with difficulty in swallowing Hypericum 30-200.

Injuries to scalp and skull —In bruises, Arnica lotion locally. If a cut, Calendula Ө lotion (1 dram in 1 oz. of water). In fever and pain all over, some doctors recommend Arnica 3 alternately with Aconite 6. If the patient is unconscious, put on his tongue, Arnica 3. If after coming to senses, there is pain, give Arnica 3; if there is fever, Aconite 3.

Concussion of Brain: Symptoms—Complete or partial unconsciousness; face is dusky; pulse quick, irregular or imperceptible; shallow, irregular breathing; extremities cold; answers to questions and relapses quickly into stupor; when reaction sets in, consciousness returns; there is nausea and rise of temperature (101°—102° F.).

At first give Arnica 3x. If febrile symptoms predominate: Aconite 3x. In headache with flushed face Bell. 3. In rattling in throat Opium 3. The patient should be put into a warm bed and warmth applied to his extremities. He should be left undisturbed and no food or drink should be given to him.

Ecchymosis: This is a discolouration (at first reddish, afterwards black) of the skin, following a bruise. Arnica lotion is of great benefit in preventing the discolouration if used immediately after an accident; when Arnica fails, use Hamamelis lotion. If there is no medicine at hand, wash the part with cold water and foment it afterwards with hot water.

Sprain—Each joint is furnished with strong fibrous binder that helps to keep the bones in place. When these are over stretched or some of the fibres are tom asunder, we get sprains.

Early and complete rest and application of cold compresses at first and warmth later is advisable. Give internally—Arnica, Symphytum (especially in fractures), Hypericum and Ruta Ө-6 and also apply externally. One part of Ө of 10 parts of water makes a lotion.

Shock—This is the result of strong physical or mental pain. If body is cold give Camphor, if body is bluish, Carbo Veg.; in cold sweat on forehead or cardiac debility or nervous hyper-irritability, Verat. Alb.

Sea-SicknessCocculus 3-200 cures sickness felt on boarding a land or water conveyance.

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