Homeopathic Remedies for Anaemia

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Anaemia literally means ‘bloodlessness’, but strictly speaking this is an unhealthy condition of blood in which the red corpuscles are deficient; this unhealthy condition is indicated by a general pallor of the complexion. The patient becomes very weak, lethargic, tired on slightest exertion. Want of pure air and sunlight and want of proper food, profuse-bleeding etc. may cause anaemia, but in most cases it is the sequelae or concomitant of some other diseases.


Prescribe the medicine noted against the individual causal factors: Malaria-Natrum Mur. 30. Scanty or suppressed menses—Puls. 6 or Ferum Met. 30. Leucorrhcoea, seminal loss, bleeding or diarrhoea-China 6, Phosphoric acid 6. Drinking -Nux Vom. 1x-30. Abuse of mercury-Nitric acid 6 or Aur. Met. 6x-30. Abuse of quinine or iron, with sense of chilliness-Puls. 6-30. Where patient is very devitalized, give Ars. 30. Where symptoms of phthisis are associated, Phosphorus.

If all the above fail, give Sulphur 30, for two days and stop all medicines for two days; then give medicines according to indications. If all these are unavailing, try Natrum Sulph. 30-in any circumstance. In chlorosis, Calcarea Phos. 3.

Diet etc.: Light open-air exercise or a regular brisk walk in the morning and evening is beneficial. Sea-bath or bathing in a stream, pool or tank is helpful. Easily digestible nourishing food is most essential. Drink the soup of Kuley- Khara daily.

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