Homeopathic Remedies for Boils

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These are Localized inflammations due to inocculation with staphylococci or streptococci. These may go on to suppuration or subside by themselves. Inflammations associated with hair-follicles are called boils.


Localized inflammation with throbbing pain but with no formation of pus: Bell. 1x. Boils that are about to suppurate or mature: Merc. Sol. 6. If it threatens to become putrid and is associated with burning sensation and debility: Ars. 6-30. To abort a boil Hepar Sulphur 6-200. To mature a boil Hepar Sulphur 2x (trit.)—especially useful if there is mercury in one’s system. If a boil discharges much pus or it becomes chronic: Silicea 30. If small in size; Arnica 6. If repeated crops of boils appear: Sulphur 30. If repeated painful boils appear that resist ordinary treatment: Echinacea Ө (m. 6 twice daily). To putrid boils apply a lotion of 1 part Calendula 0 in 10 parts of hot water. Hypericum 200 given internally (with hot fomentations locally) at the commencement of dangerous and poisonous boils cuts short its course.

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