Homeopathic Remedies for Bubo


Bubo means an inflamed gland; but in its generally accepted sense, the inflamed glands in the groin as the result of venery are meant. Any trouble in the hands or fingers causes the glands in the arm-pit to get inflamed; any trouble in the lower extremities affect the glands of the groin; troubles of the mouth, affect the glands beneath the lower jaw, etc. When buboes mature, they give rise to fever with chilliness.


If due to syphilis or Gonorrhea Merc. Sol. 3-6. If mercury has been used long, give—Acid Nitric 6, instead. If no effect follows in 60 hours, try Carbo Animalis 6, or

Baptisia 6, which almost certainly shorten suppuration. If Bubo threatens to maturate, apply poultice and take internally, Carbo Animalis 6, or Badiaga 6 and apply Calendula Ө (1 dram to 1 oz. of water). If it becomes phagedenic (i.e. becomes corroding in nature), take Kali Iod, Ө gr 5 thrice a day, and dress the ulcer with calomel lotion. Hepar Sulphur 6-200. Bubo suppurated (especially in those who have used much mercury). Silicea 3x-30: Where sinus threatens or has taken place.

It is better to limit the movements of the patient. When pus has threatened, apply warm poultice. When pus has actually formed, have the Bubo lanced. After incision, the patient should not move about or else sinus may form. It is a wrong supposition that milk or fish or meat diet badly influences upon ulcers. Any light diet is permitted.

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