Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer

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This is a kind of malignant Tumor which has a tendency to grow in various and vital parts of the body and to cause serious constitutional symptoms.



Carcinosin 30-200—Only one dose once or twice a month.

Arsenic. 6—Burning pain, aggravation at night and especially in the early hours of morning; disease abates in warmth and aggravates in cold.

Condurango 6—If the Tumor is on chest.

Conium 30—Tumor due to injury or occurring on chest.

Kali Cyanatum 3—In Tumors of tongue.

Lachesis 6—Scarlet deep blue or ash-coloured malignant ulcers.

Silicea 6—Inability to bear gusts of wind.

Sulphur 6—Exhaustion at 10 a.m., extremities cold, head warm, aggravation at bed-time.

Try also—Hydrastis Ө-6, Phytolacca 3, Thuja 3x, Ruta Ө, Sanguinaria 1, Calc. Iod. 3x, Phosphorus 6, Echinacea 0, (m. x). Resort to surgical measures.

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