Homeopathic Remedies for Carbuncle

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It is a malignant and magnified boil, affecting chiefly those, whose tissues are devitalised (as in diabetes) and attended with extensive local destruction of tissues and constitutional symptoms of a grave nature. The local mischief is great; the boil is huge in size, gives unbearable stinging pain and the skin over it breaks on several places through which pus and dead tissues (sloughs) protrude. Sleeplessness, rapid exhaustion, loss of appetite, high fever with delirium are common.


Anthraxi—num 30 given at the outset aborts the disease. Failing this try-Affected part is red and swollen with burning or stinging pain Apis Mel. 3. The boil becomes putrid Ars. 3-30. The part is shiny-red with stabbing pain or aching or sudden twitching pain; somnolence but no sound sleep: Bell. 30 (valuable before pus forms). Burning pain, bloody or foetid smelling pus, weakness Carbo Veg. 6- 30. Intense pain, burning sensation, foetid pus, gangrene of underlying tissues Silicea 30 or Lachesis 6. Tarentula Cubensis 30 relieves pain admirably.

Boric compress given hot is beneficial. Greasy stuff like ointments, ghee, etc. are to be studiously avoided. When pus appears, use Liquor Hydrogen Peroxide and antiseptics without hesitation. An auto-vaccine prepared from the patient’s own pus is very successful now-a-days, practically abolishing the use of the knife. Regularly examine the patient’s urine and feed him well up. Give some fruits, or fresh vegetable- soup daily.

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