Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Rheumatism

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Chronic Rheumatism

Almost all the symptoms of the acute conditions are present; but the joints become stiff and swollen from effusion of fluid into them and the pain is less severe.


Kali Hydro. 6-30—Intense pain in the joints which swell and stiffen; frequent changes in the condition of the patient, inability to walk; weakness of the joints following an acute attack; syphilitic and mercurial rheumatism.

Rhododendron 30—Pain in hands, feet, and knees; increase of pain in the small hours of the morning or after rest or rain; abatement of pain during or after meals; onset of disease before the rains and during the hot season; the pain in the joints is of the nature of sprain.

Dulcamara 6—Disease is due to exposure to rain or damp; pain increases during rest and abates during movements; occasional wrenching pain; pain severest in back, forearm and ankles; urine and sweat are both foulsmelling.

Gaultheria ӨIn inflammatory rheumatism, given in 2—5 drop doses.

Ledum 3—Rheumatism of small joints; pain travelling upwards from below; skin is cold but patient cannot bear the warmth of bed; acute or chronic rheumatism.

Kalmia 3-6—Pain shifts downwards from above; affected part is benumbed; the affection shifts from joint to joint; rheumatism affecting the right side of the body; rheumatism of the heart.

Phytolacca 3—Affected part is painful, heavy and cold; aggravation of disease during hot and rainy season; affected part is swollen and red.

Causticum 6-30—Rheumatism of thigh, shoulders and knees; a vain desire to move the joints in order to ease the pain; inability to lift the arms, owing to the pain in the shoulder; aggravation of pain in the evening and amelioration in the morning; inability to lie quietly in bed at night; sense of constricting pain in the finger-joints.

Mercurius Sol. 6-30—Grinding pain in bones; fever; chilliness; profuse sweat but no relief; warmth of bed aggravates the pain; gripes and dysenteric stools occasionally; gonorrhoeal or syphilitic rheumatism—if no mercury has been administered already.

Synopsis of Remedies for Different Conditions

In rheumatism of knees and toes, Puls. 30; in aggravation of disease during rest, Rhus tox. 30; aggravation during movement; Bryonia 30; in affections of small joints and for radical cure, Sulphur 200. Chest Rheumatism Bryonia, Arnica, Rhododendron, Rhus Tox, Cimicifuga. Cardiac Rheumatism: Spigelia, Digitalis, Aconite, Veratrum, Cactus, Bryonia. Syphilitic Rheumatism see ‘syphilis’ Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism: Merc. Bin. Iod., Aconite, Pulsatilla, Sarsa, Medorrh. (vide Gonorrhoea). Lumbago Aconite, Arnica, Cimicifuga, Secale, Antim Tart., Ars., Rhus, Naphthalin, Mag. Phos. (See Lumbago). In Thigh-joint Rheumatism: Colocynth, Aconite, Rhus., Ars., Cimicifuga, Nux, Phytolacca.

These medicines are generally used in 3x—30 potencies.

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