Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation

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It is a symptom, not a disease. It is due to

  1. want of bodily exercise, as in sedentery or old people;
  2. food being very dry or leaving little solid residue, as meat diets;
  3. want of sufficient fluid intake;
  4. drinking much of stuffs containing tannic acid., like tea, coffee, etc., and
  5. injury or diseases of liver, etc. The danger of constipation is from chronic faecal poisoning. The noxious odours and decomposed products arising from old faeces being retained inside the intestines, give rise to bad taste in mouth, loss of appetite, headache, loss of health and vigour, etc.


Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.)200 is a valuable remedy. Nux Vom. 30-if there is frequent desire to ease oneself but complete evacuations do not occur; hard scyballae are passed with difficulty; or if there is scanty liquid motion, with headache, loss of appetite a sensation of weight in lower abdomen. Nux is also valuable to those of sedentary or studious habits or who are melancholic or of short-temper and also constipated.

Bryonia 6-30—Slight feeling of chill, headache, pain in liver, large dry scyballae, rheumatic constitution, constipation in pregnant women or during summer or in children. [Nux is indicated where there is a frequent ineffectual desire to ease oneself though patient is constipated Bryonia, where constipation exists with no desire].

Opium 30—Headache, vertigo, hard scyballae, sleepiness, flushed face, scanty urine (useful in old or docile men as well as in the plethoric).

Lycopodium 30—Constipation or stools passed with much effort; flatulent distention of abdomen; lower abdomen gets distended with gas after meals and feels hot to touch; water-brash or eructations.

Sulphur 30—Lower abdomen and anus feel hot and heavy; itching and burning in anus; uneasy sensation in anus immediately before and after evacuation; frequent desire to ease oneself, piles.

Hydrastis 3x—Constipation following abuse of purgative.

Alumen 30-200—Constipation of a most obstinate nature; no desire to stool for days; violent urging to stools. Marble-like masses pass but still rectum feels full.

[Those who prefer purgative should drink 8 oz. of a decoction of 100 grains each of myrobalans, senna-leaves, raisins, with or without sugar candy, soaked in 8 oz. of hot water.]

Those who are constipated, are advised to form the habit of visiting the closet early every morning, even if there is no urging; to avoid meats as much as possible; to take plenty of fruits (especially fruits with much pulp, like papaya, banana, mango, etc.) or green vegetables and such vegetables as leave plenty of solid residue, like brinjal, lady’s finger, the stem and flower of plaintain tree, figs, arum (Kachu) unripe papaya, etc.; to take plenty of open air exercises and massage the abdomen; to drink plenty of water. Isaphgul, myrobalans, asafoetida, coconut water may be taken but not daily. Raisins in the form of ‘tea’ are very good.

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