Homeopathic Remedies for Cough



Cough is not a disease but a symptom. It may often be present, with the irritation of wind pipe, throat, liver, stomach, intestines or with colds. It may be accompanied with discharges (expectoration). In phthisis there are, in addition, wasting fever, pain in chest and bloody sputum or purulent expectoration; in asthma, the cough commences suddenly at night and abates after profuse expectoration; in pneumonia, the cough is attended at first with rusty, then with very viscid sputum; in whooping cough, it is in paroxysms; in Laryngitis, it is brazen in character. A kind of dry cough attends the cases of measles.


Aconite 3—Anxiety, headache, constipation, amelioration of cough on lying down and aggravation on lying on a side; stabbing pain in chest on coughing; cough excited by cold blast; dry cough. Ipecac. 3x—Repeated sneezing, difficult respiration, spasmodic and suffocating cough; tickling sensation in throat; wheezing noise with sore-throat or rattling noise from accumulation of phlegm; nausea or vomiting; pain in navel at the time of coughing. Cina 3—Cough dry or at times accompanied with expectoration; burning sensation in nostrils; sudden starting on account of worms. Sulphur 3-30—Chronic or dry cough at night. Calcarea Carb. 6—Dry cough at bed-time. Lachesis 6—Cough aggravated on waking up. Sanguinaria Nit. 6—Constant cough following tickling sensation in nostrils. Gels 3—Violent cough with pain in chest or throat, with hoarse or lost voice. Bellad. 3—Dry cough with spasm or choking; cold helps to moisten the cough and brings up shreds of phlegm; inflammation of larynx; hard, quick pulse; bright eyes; flushed face, ache and congestion of head; dry cough at night; relief in cold air; pain in chest. Acid Nitric 3-30—Dry cough, debility, melancholy, headache, loss of appetite, pain in stomach, heaviness at pit of stomach after meal, rise of temperature at night, sweating, insomnia, pain behind breast-bone, constipation (chronic cough). Antim. Tart 6-30. Dry cough with hoarse voice; rattling of throat and expulsion of liquid mucus with difficulty, vomiting of food owing to cough following eating; yawning at intervals between cough. Bryonia 6, 12, 30—Stitching or tearing pain in head, chest and sides from coughing; pain in chest; whole body convulsed from coughing; aggravation of cough in morning or evening or from exposure to cold draughts; dry cough with occasional blood-tinged thin expectoration; aggravation of cough after eating or drinking or on entering a cold place from a warm one. Rumex 6—Constant dry cough convulsing the body, aggravation on lying down, or at 10 a.m. or at night or on exposure to cold air; relief on covering up the body from head to foot. Sticta 6-12—Constant painless cough; whooping cough; aggravation at night or following exhaustion. Manganum Acet. 6-30—Abatement of cough on lying down; loss of voice. Drosera 3x-Aggravation of cough at night with belching and vomiting; blood-tinged sputum; occasional spasms of cough; patient has to sit up to keep down fits of cough. Arnica 3—Dry cough; cough with blood; stitching pain in side. Ars. Alb. 2x, 6, 12, 30—Suffocating cough; contraction of chest; restlessness; thirst. Causticum 6-30—Dry brazen cough leading to unconscious evacuations—hoarse voice; aggravation when patient goes into a warm bed; abatement after cold drinks; patient can bring his phlegm just up the throat but is unable to cough it out. Conium 6-30—Dry cough with tickling sensation in throat; aggravation on lying down, or on sitting up at night or on laughing; cough is less in day-time. Spongia 2x-6—Dry cough with suffocation and pain in chest, hoarse voice; difficulty of breathing from spasm of wind-pipe; amelioration after eating or drinking. Hepar Sulphur 6—Cough with chronic dyspepsia; burning sensation in throat, hoarse voice, viscid sputum; aggravation on exposure to cold wind; sensation of foreign-body in throat with pain on swallowing. Hyoscyamus 6—Spasmodic nervous cough; aggravation at night or on lying down; amelioration on sitting up. Ignatia 6—Cough of hysterics; cough disturbs night’s rest; spasm of wind-pipe; aggravates, throat-tickles. Kali Bichrom. 6—Blood brought up with cough; dizziness of coughing; aggravation after meals and on rising from bed in the morning. Merc. Sol. 6—Purulent sputum (chronic cough aggravation at night; hoarse voice; burning and pain in chest and throat; diarrhoea; vomiting of saltish mucus. Nux Vomica 6-30—Pain in stomach and head on coughing; inflammation of larynx; sputum viscid; aggravated by food, movement, deep breathing or at early dawn; sleep disturbed; cough begins at midnight. Phosph. 6—Dry cough with tickling of throat; hoarse voice; pain in chest; frothy, purulent, saltish sputum; rusty sputum; aggravation on talking, laughing, and reading. Puls. 6- 30—Difficulty of breathing on account of accumulation of phlegm; rattling noise in throat; yellow, bitter sputum at day and dry cough at night or on lying down; abates on coming out into the open air.

Try also—Corallium Rubrum 6, Brom. 6, Ammon. Carb. 3x. Allium Cepa 6, Iodium 6, Lobelia Ө. Senega Ө (five drops in a dose), Stannum 6.

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