Homeopathic Remedies for Diseases of The Children

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Born Suffocated (asphyxiated)

Prolonged Labor, umbilical cord getting round neck, etc. are causes why a child may be bom looking dead. If it is bluish all over, resuscitation is easy; if it is white all over, resuscitation is difficult. Perseverance for 3 or 4 hours has often been rewarded with success. As soon as the child is bom, it ought to cry out if it does not, see at once that the navel cord is not pressing on its neck. Quickly wipe out mucus from inside its mouth. So long as the cord Pulsates, don’t cut it; if cord is already pulseless or when it becomes so, cut in the manner indicated before. Put your mouth on the child’s and forcibly breathe into its mouth; do this 15 times a minute; if it succeeds (i.e., if breathing is restored however feebly or irregularly at first or if colour returns to its cheeks and extremities) go on doing so. If this fails, squeeze the ribs so as to expel air (expiration) and let air be aspirated (inspiration) during the elastic recoil of the chest wall; or alternately dip the child in icy cold and hot waters; or holding it upside down slap on its chest; or poke your little finger into its anus.

Inability to suck

Inability to suck owing to feebleness or immaturity: squeeze out the milk and put it drop by drop into the child’s mouth; do this till it can suck. If it still fails, give a globule of China 6.


This is common during the first week of birth and it passes off naturally. If it does not, give Chamomilla 6. This failing, try Merc. 6. This failing, give China 6, If constipation is present, Nux. 30. If diarrhoea is present, Podophyllum 3. In chronic cases, Chelidonium 6.

Disease of Navel

If it discharges serum or pus or ulceration forms, apply Calendula Ó¨ (10 drops in 2 oz, of mustard oil) by means of a rag, and give Silicea 6 internally. If however the pus is foul-smelling, then instead of Silicea, give Ars. 6. If inflamed (i.e., there are heat, redness, swelling and pain), Bell. 6 or Ars. 6. If the navel suppurates, apply Nutmeg paste or Nux Moschata 2x locally and give Nux Vom. 30 internally. If the navel bleeds, apply Hamamelis Ó¨ on a piece of rag and apply pressure. If repeated bleeding occurs, give Ars. 6.

Umbilical Hernia

Owing to faulty division of the navel cord, too much of it may remain ; and when the child cries, portions of intestines get into it and tend to swell it. Apply a firm pad on it all day and night and give Nux Vom. 6 internally.

Getting Blue

Owing to congenital heart-trouble or gripes or to the air of the room being too much stuffy, the child’s lips and cheeks become pale and the body blue, especially at the extremities ; the heart flutters violently, body becomes cold, Digitalis 3 is the best medicine. If body is icy cold, Ars. 6.

Try also—Rhus Tox 3, Hydrocyanic Acid 6, Lachesis 6, Phosphorus 6, Sulphur 30. Keep the room warm and ventilated.


Vaccination is compulsory by law. Where it is not so, let the child have Vaccininum 6x (trit.) or 6-30 once daily, for a week. When small-pox rages all round, give variolinum 6-200, once a week as long as the epidemic lasts. If the general health suffers in consequence of vaccination, give Thuja 6-200. If a child is vaccinated, pustules form locally and the temperature rises. If these make delay in scabbing over, apply vaseline. Take care that none of the serum or pus oozing is rubbed into the child’s eyes or else they will be spoiled.

Congenital Hernia

As in the case of navel, so into the groin the intestines may protrude whenever the child cries. Pad and bandage here do considerable good ; a truss latter on in life, may cure it. If hydrocele is associated with it, give Calc. Carb. 6.

Congenital Hydrocele

Congenital Hydrocele with Orchitis or Inflammation of Testicle: If it is due to trauma, Arnica. 3 If congenital, Bryo. 3. If hydrocele and orchitis co-exist, Calc. Carb. 6. If the skin is relaxed in a child suffering from skin diseases, Graphites 6. If the child is tubercular, Bacillinum 200 or Ars. Iod. 6. If scrofulous, Calc. Carb. 6 or Calc. Mur, 12x (trit.). Child with psora, Sulph. 200.

Try also—Abrot. 6, Helleborus 6, Spong. 6, Hamamelis 3.

Want of Evacuation

If a child is born with imperforate anus or malformed urinary organs, call in a surgeon. If none such exists and yet no evacuations occur soon after birth, give Bell. 6 or Opium 6 and gently massage the abdomen.

Open fontanelles

[The square and triangular gaps in the crown of the head are the 2 fontanelles]. If these do not close up by the end of 8th month, give Sulphur 30 once. If no benefit following give Calc. Carb. 30.

Try also—Calc. Phos. 12x (trit.), Silicea 30.

Measly Eruption

Measly Eruption (due to heat or uncleanliness) Bryonia 3-6. Bath.

Infantile Mastitis

If only indurated, Bell. 3. If pus forms, Hepar 6, Silicea 6. Do not irritate the inflamed breast by squeezing it. A new bom child’s breast may give out a drop of white fluid ; if it is squeezed or otherwise manipulated at this stage, it suppurates. During the inflammation brought on by this, Arnica 6. If it is very red, Bell. 3. If pus forms, Hepar Sulphur 6.

Tumor on Head

During birth, the head gets squeezed and in consequence, it swells in one direction by other. This swelling subsides naturally and calls for no treatment nor even the efficacious fomentations. If however a real Tumor forms, Calc. Carb. 6.

Moles, Warts

Thuja 1-30, Thuja Ó¨, m. v. on a lump of sugar cures warts. To prevent the possibility of warts, birth marks, etc., forming in the future child, give to the mother, Sulphur 30, then Thuja 30 and then Merc. Sol. 30: for 4 weeks.

Mother’s marks

Take Thuja 30 internally and apply Thuja Ө locally. Try also—Radium Bromide 30 (once a week), Calc. Carb. 6, Phosph. 6, Lyco. 12.


Dirty children are apt to develop ulcers behind their ears, in their arm-pits or groins, etc. If due to itches or pustules, Sulphur. 30. If due to unhealthy condition of skin, Calc. Carb. 6. (especially for fat children). If blood frequently oozes, Lyco. 12. If sticky serum oozes, Graphites 6 (especially if the ulcer is behind the ears). If it smarts much, Carbo, Veg. 30. If red pimples appear all over the body Chamomilla 12. Wash the parts with Calendula Ó¨ lotion (1 or 2 drops) or neem leaf decoction.


Take Merc. Sol 6. ox Arnica 3 and locally apply Arnica 0 (m. v. mixed with olive oil or ghee). If the child suffers from acidity in addition, Chamomilla 12. If the nursing mother is habitual tea-drinker or suffers from hysteria, Ignatia 6. If due to constitutional defect, Sulphur 30 Calc. Carb. 30, Lycopod 30, Sepia 30, Rhus Tox. 30.

Pimples, Prickly heat

Pimples (Sudamina), Prickly heat: If due to heat or use of too much clothes, Chamomilla 12. If due to cold, Dulcamara 6. If they itch much or give trouble by being suddenly suppressed, Sulphur 30.

Try also—Calc. Carb. 30, Lyco. 30, Sepia 30.


Sulphur 30-200 is the best remedy. If it comes on, on getting into bed Ignatia 6. If comes on undressing Ars. 6, Nux 6. If comes on after the body is warmed up by beddings: Puls. 6, Merc. 6. If burning sensation follows itching Rhus Tox 6, Apis 6, Hepar 6. If blood oozes on scratching: Merc. 6, Sulphur 30. Itching is prevented if the child’s body is shampooed with flour.


It is a very dangerous disease, caused by germs being scratched into the skin.


Fever, burning pain, creeping, swelling and discharge of serum there from.


Bell. 3x, Apis 3, Rhus Tox 6 are useful.


It is an inflammation of the skin denuded of its surface layer and covered with crusts, It may be weeping —i.e. exude serum or it may be dry. In eczema are seen at different stages redness, papules vesicle, crusts, scales, fissures, etc. It is seen in children with psoric habit of body. If vesicular Merc. 6 if dry blebs, Lyco, 12. Rhus Ven. 3. [The use of Rhus Ven. may cause temporary fever and aggravation of the skin-troubles, followed by its cure, if the medicine is stooped. If necessary use Rhus Ven. 200 only a single dose]. Try also—Alumina 6, Oleander 6, Croton 6, Antim. Crude 6. In chronic cases, Graphites 30, Petroleum 6, Merc. Cor. 6, Ars. 6, Hepar Sulphur 6. Locally apply olive oil.


It is redness of the skin commonly found in the folds of skin, in axilla, groins, neck, etc. in fleshy children caused by constant friction of the parts ; there may be exfoliation of the epidermis, sometimes there may be acrid exudation causing the parts sore, It may pass on to eczema. Chamomilla 6 is a valuable medicine. If the eczema is weeping with blood and is painful, Merc, Sol. 6. If attacks are repeated, Lyco 12.

Sore Mouth and Face

  • Pustular eruptions may form on the face; these soon blacken and burst, forming yellow scabs. Give Viola Tricolor 3 ; if this fails, give Rhus Tox. Sometimes Rhus Tox. aggravates the inflammation then stop it.
  • For vesicles or sores inside the mouth, Borax 3x (trit.) and application locally of Borax mixed up with honey. Vesicles on lips and inside mouth, tip of tongue is coated and its middle streaked; foul odour in mouth ; restlessness; greenish liquid motions Apis Sore inside mouth at the teething time; sweating of head and face; stools contain undigested food particles ; feet cold Calc. Carb. 30.

Tongue is inflamed; gums sore and bleeding; foetid odour in breath ; profuse salivation; liquid motions containing mucus ; Merc. Sol. 6. Pimples over the mouth and foetid smell comes out, acrid salivary flow: Acid Nitric 6 (especially useful if there is history of parental syphilis), Tongue coated white; large pimples inside mouth ; bloody saliva dribbling out; stools are full of sticky mucus ; pimples around anus; sleeplessness ; Sulphur 30. If constipation is present: Lyco. 30. The sores inside the mouth are gangrenous and black: Secale 2 (trit.). Honey and molasses may help cure if locally applied.

Boils and Abscesses

If child is plump: Calc. Carb. 30. Child is liable to have sores, especially in summer Carbo. Veg. 30. Thick-set pimples appear around sores and render the child miserable Chamomilla 6. Sore behind the ears, discharging thick sanguineous serum Graphites 6. Foulsmelling ulcer discharging blood and patient is constipated: Lyco. 30, Crops of boils on head growing out of each other’s discharges: Sulphur 30, Hepar Sulphur 30, Calc. Carb. 30, Arnica 3.

Cracks and Fissures of skin in winter

Ars. 6, Hepar 6, Kali Carb. 30, Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.)-200, Nitric Acid 6, Sulphur 30, Agaricus 30, Tamus Ó¨. Apply some bland oil locally.


This is due to uncleanliness or to constitutional defects. Give Sulphur 30 twice a week and apply soda-solution in the morning and olive-oil at bedtime.

Head Louse

Wash the head daily and bathe the child immediately afterward with a lotion of Sabadilla Ó¨ (1 in 20 of water) and give Natrum Mur. 12x (trit.) internally. Intractable cases, Staphysagria 30.


This is due to germs of the disease getting into the child’s spinal-cord through the umbilical-cord being infected by dirty clothes or hands. It is a fatal disease and starts with lock-jaw. The child is unable to suck, it clinches its fists, the whole body suddenly stiffens so as almost to arch the body. The temperature rises in proportion to the number of fits and death is common.

If due to cold, the child is feverish, moaning continually and is restless Aconite 3. Convulsions, tremors, jaws are moved laterally Gels. 3. The navel is inflamed: Bell. 6 internally and Calendula 9 mixed with Olive-oil locally. Due to trauma: Arnica 3x or Hypericum 3x. If mother has given the breasts in anger or in agony, give Ignatia 6 to mother and child.

Try also—Nux Vom. 3x-30, Strychnia 6x (trit,), Cicuta 6, Acid Hydro. 3.

Ophthalmia or inflamed Eyes

The eyes are red, the lids get glued in the morning, pus comes out, even ulceration occurs. If the eyelids are swollen, pimples appear on their margin, and much pus accumulates under the lids: Merc. Sol. 6, Arg. Nit. 3, Calc. Carb. 3. Carefully clean the eyes and drop into them a weak solution of Arg. Nitric or a solution of Acid Boric or a solution of Euphrasia externally,


It is a pimple, often purulent, that forms at the root of eye-lashes. Puls. 3, Hepar 3, Staphysagria 3, for ordinary cases and Sulph. 30, Thuja 30 for intractable cases.


CAUSES: Cold catarrh, measles dentition or entrance of water into ear. The child screams if its-ear is touched.


Due to exposure to cold Acon. 3. Ear has swollen and is red Bell. 3. Due to dentition Chamomilla 12. If pain is intolerable; Mag. Phos. 12x (trit.) in hot water. Foment the ear.


The child’s nervous system is usually sensitive. It becomes especially so, during dentition, eruptive fever, measles, etc., if worms exist inside the intestines, if indigestion is present, or if it receives injuries to head or spine.


Fever, restlessness, convulsions, sleeplessness: Aconite 3. Face and eyes injected, pupils dilated, head is hot, it suddenly starts or jumps up: Bell. 6, followed by Calc. Carb. 30. Face dusky, swollen and hot ; tremors all over the body, groaning on rattling noise from throat, eyes up-turned, child is listless ; constipation is present ; Opium 30. If dentition is the cause Chamomilla 6. Due to suppressed inadequate eruptions of small-pox or measles: Zincum 6 or Stramonium 6. If due to gripes from indigestion: Nux Vom. 6 If no effect after 4 doses, give an emetic or glycerine enema to evacuate the bowels. Is due to worms: Cina 3x-200. Temperature is high and patient’s body is arched during convulsions: Verat. Vir, 3x. If due to suppresion of skin eruptions Sulphur 30, Cuprum 6, Apis 6, Antim Tart. 6, Zincum 6, Ars. 6. Dipping the child in tepid hot water up-to neck and applying cold to his face and head are useful.


This is a very fatal disease. Starting with headache (moaning and crying and at the same time tossing the head from side to side), vomiting, squinting, irregular pulse are met with at first; irregular breathing, convulsions, somnolence, quick pulse, rise of temperature soon follow. Child screams out in the midst of sleep Apis 3. Pain in neck and back of head Helleborus. 3.

Try also—Bacillinum 200 (only one dose). Phosphorus 6, Zincum 6, Bryo. 6, Sulphur 30, Gels. 3x, Stram. 3.


The head gradually increases in size to that of or bigger than an adult head. The child lies in bed and gradually in the course of 8-10 years, paralysis sets in, followed by death. Try—Calc. 30, Silicea 30, Sulphur 30. Child does not care for anything but water and its urine is suppressed, its limbs paralyzed Helleborus 3.

Spinal Bifida

Accumulation of fluid (serum) inside the spinal canal causes a Tumor-like swelling at its-end, which looks as if divided into two, in consequence of incomplete ossification of the sacral bone, Calc. Phos. 6x (trit.) will cure the bone defect and Apis 3 internally and locally applied will cure Tumor-like swelling.

Try also—Bacillinum 200, Bryo. 3, Sulphur 30, Silicea 30, Ars. 6, Lyco. 12, Calc. Carb. 6. If no improvement follows, consult a surgeon.

Infantile Paralysis

This is ushered in with fever and convulsions. The limb affected wastes rigidly, even its bones are involved in the atrophy.

Also Try—Secale 3, Acon. 3, Bell. 3, Plumbum 3, Thuja 30, Gels. 3. Sulphur 30.


Calc. Carb. 30 is the best medicine. If chronic, give Sulphur 30.

Also Try—Cuprum 3, Bufd. 6, Silicea 30, Hydrocyanic Acid 3, Calc. Phosph. 3x. (trit.), Zinc. Phosph. 3x-3, Bell. 6, Chamomilla 3, Cina 3x-200, Ignatia 6, Nux Vom. 30, Stram. 6, Absinthium 3x. Indigo 3x—30.

Remittent Fever

Ferrum Phos. 12x (trit.) or Gels. 3x is the main-remedy. If associated with digestive disturbances: Puls. 30. Tongue coated white Antim Crud. 30. Due to worms Cina 3x, Spigelia 3. Temperature is high and the child starts or is convulsed Bell. 3. Constipation, pain around navel, picking at the nose (with or without worms): Cina 2x- 30. If this fails, give Spigelia 3x. At the onset of delirium: Capsicum 3.

Diet: Milk and barley. (See Malaria and Typhoid fever).


In child insomnia may be due to worms, indigestion or determination of blood (congestion) to head. Head feels hot, ceaseless crying without any apparent cause; child startles out of sleep, Bell. 3. Twitching of different parts of body skin is hot temper fidgety ; child always wants to be carried in arms Chamomilla 6. Skin is hot ; child is playful and jolly but occasionally moans: Coffea 3. Fever is present, child screams out occasionally: Acon. 3. If due to worms Cina 3x. If due to constipation Nux Vom. 3. If due to indigestion Puls. 3.

Posseting of Milk

This is due to gastric or nervous irritation. Child declines to be fed, vomit is sour or foulsmelling or is green (bile) and it is constipated: Nux vom 6. Child brings up curds owing to its mother being acutely dyspeptic; Puls. 3. Retching up of milk almost as soon as taken ; vomit consists of curds and renders child exhausted ; a further drink is followed by similar vomiting: Aethusa 3. Child irritable and fretful, tongue is coated white and the preceding symptoms are present Antim Crud. 3. If the same is associated with foetid diarrhoea, Calc. Carb. 30. Bile or mucus present in the thrown up milk Ipecac 3. If the disease becomes chronic Kreosote 3, Nux Vom. 6, Puls. 6, Verat. Alb. 6.


Try sweetened water or Nux Vom. 30. Keep child warm.


The teeth begin to cut at about the 8th month and are completed by 3 years. This period is critical to some children. Some develop fever, others diarrhoea, sleeplessness or convulsion whenever a tooth erupts, Chamomilla 12 is an all round excellent remedy. If fever is present: Aconite 30. If much diarrhoea Chamomilla 6. If dysentery Merc. Cor. 6. If constipation Nux Vom. 30. If convulsion is present Bell. 6. If dentition is delayed Calc. Carb. 30.

Try also—Ignatia 6, Cina 3x-200, Ipecac. 6, Sulphur 6. Lance the gum if teeth are showing and yet causing trouble reflexly.

Carious Tooth

Want of cleanliness is the sole cause of caries. Food particles lodging between gums or teeth eat into the enamel at the root and give rise to this condition, Try—Kreosote 6-12, Staphysagria 3, Merc> Sol. 3, Silicea 3. A drop of Kreosote Ө put on the back of eroded spot on a tooth atonce kills pain. To prevent carie wash mouth regularly.

Fainting Fit

Causes Trauma, exposure to cold or to heat, indigestion, bleeding, etc. Due to trauma: Arnica 3x.


Due to nervous cause or to bleeding Hypericum 1x- 200. Due to dry cold blast: Aconite 6. If the body is arched on one side or on the back: Cicuta 6. Jaw dropping: Gels. 3. Due to nervous prostration or indigestion.: Nux Vom. 3. Due to bleeding: Hamamelis 1x. If the child is unable to swallow, let him inhale the medicine.

Stuffing of nostrils

It is generally due to cold. It causes a wheezing noise during breathing, disturbs sleep and prevents sucking, If the nostrils are dry: Duc. 3, Sambucus 3, Nux Vom. 6. If associated with wheezing sound in breathing: Antim Tart. 6. If there is running from the nose: Chamomilla Moisten the nostrils, when dry, with ghee or oil and draw off the scabs.

Cold and Cough

May be or may not be associated with fever, restlessness, insomnia, gasping and inability to suck. Cold in the chest is an alarming condition for a child, and if due to exposure to cold, give frequent doses of Aconite 3x. If cough is dry, pain is present in chest and yellow sticky phlegm come out: Bryo. 3. If he is very weak and nausea, rattling of throat and much sputum are present: Antim Tart. 6. Cough is spasmodic, much phlegm comes up, nausea or vomiting: Ipecac. 6. Running from nose: Puls. 6. Inability to suck owing to blocking of nostrils: Nux Vom. 6, or this failing Sambucus 2x-3x. If cold due to exposure is persistent Merc. 6. If running of mucus causes sore in lips and nostrils Ars. 6.


Ipecac. 3x-6, Lachesis 3x, Ars. 3x-30, Senega Ó¨.

Breathing (difficulty)

Breathing difficulty without any assignable cause: Sambucus 1x, Cuprum Met. 6, Lachesis 6, Spongia 3.


Fever, cough, pain in chest, and wheezing noise during breathing are the usual symptoms of this very dangerous disease. It is called Capillary Bronchitis or Bronchopneumonia when the mucus membrane of the bronchi or the fine air-tubes of the lungs are inflamed.


Acute Cases: Ferrum Phos. 12x (trit.), Bryo. 6.

Chronic Cases: Hepar Sulph. 6, Lyco. 12.. Antim Tart. 6.


It is usually of the Broncho-pneumonia type. Ferrum Phos. 3x and Phosphorus 3 are the best remedies. If tuberculosis threatens on the top of this disease in its chronic form, Bacillinum 30-200 once a week.


See on <a href="http://www.onlyhomeopathy.com/homeopathic-remedies-pleurisy/”>Pleurisy.


This is either false or true (diptheria)

False Croup

Owing to the narrowness of the wind-pipe, a child with laryngitis may suddenly wake up in the mid of its sleep, with restlessness, gasping for breath and blue the face. This attack may be preceded by loss of appetite, slight temperature, huskiness or loss of voice.

True Croup or Diphtheria

It is a disease, in which a false membrane forms on the surface of the throat, tending to choke the child. Fever, swelling of the glands at the angles of the jaw, sore-throat, swollen tonsils; rapid, week, irregular pulse, albumen in urine, cardiac exhaustion accompanies it.


Cough, brazen or husky voice, choking from spasmodic cough, dry skin, restlessness, much thirst: Aconite 3x, every 10 minutes. When some amelioration of symptoms has taken place Spongia 3x, every 10 or 15 minutes. With these indications child wakes up coughing and feels choked, his breathing causing wheezing noise. When fever has left and cough is less as a result of Aconite and Spongia Hepar Sulphur 6. Sambucus 2x is good for spasmodic cough. Dr. Saunhar recommends alternate use (every 30 minutes) of Calc. Phosph. 12x-30, Kali Sulph. 12x-30 and Ferrum Phos. 12x (trit.)-30 and Kali Mur. 12x (trit.) 30 in Croup.

Whooping Cough

It is an infectious disease common to children. It lasts 3 weeks to 6 months. When affected with it the child gets spasmodic fit of coughing, ending in drawing of breath with a crowing noise (the whoop). Start with a dose of Coqueluchin 30, 4 times a day, for a week. If this is unavailing, Mephites 3x every 3 hours. If the attacks are rather frequent, and there are attendant vomiting, yellow sputum, hoarse voice, painful cough with aggravation after midnight, Drosera 3x. If the spasms are severe, Cuprum 6.

Try also—Ipecac 6, Naphthalin 3x (trit.), Bell. 3. Acid Hydrocyanic 3x, Antim Tart. 6.


Diphtheria is a disease, in which a false membrane forms on the surface of the throat, tending to choke the child. Fever, swelling of the glands at the angles of the jaw, sore-throat, swollen tonsils ; rapid, week, irregular pulse, albumen in urine, cardiac exhaustion accompanies it.

Give Mercurius Cyanatus 6, every 2 hours till doctor arrives. Dr. Saunhar recommends alternate use (every 30 minutes) of Calc. Phos. 12x-30, Kali Sulph. 12x-30; and Ferrum Phos. 12x-30.

The anti-toxin treatment of diphtheria is according to many eminent authorities of the old school, a marvel of modem science.


Causes If due to maternal dyspepsia and constipation. Bryonia 3-30 or Alumina 6 is the best remedy. If vomiting follows food, Bryonia is better indicated. Whitish hard stool, containing particles of undigested food; child getting thin daily, owing to constipation: Calc. Carb, 6. Scanty hard stool passed with difficulty; rumbling noise inside the abdomen: Lyco. 30. Gripes and flatulence ; large formed stool passed with difficulty; Nux Vom. 30. Constipation following use of purgative or diarrhoea ; hard scybellae passed Opium 30. If habitually constipated Sulphur 30 occasionally. If all medicines fail; stools hard and blackish and flatulence is present: Plumbum 6. If digestive disturbance is present and tongue is white Antim Crude 30. Rub the abdomen with oil turpentine if much flatulence is present and relieve the bowels by glycerine enema.


These are the result of improper feeding. The child is restless and cries out in pain, draws up its legs, passes wind and the abdominal wall becomes rigid at times. Child wants to be carried in arms, stools are greenish and liquid and extremities are cold Chamomilla 12. The child wants to ease himself when only wind (for a small quantity of stool) is passed and the child is troubled with worms

Cina 3x. Gripes occur at the same time daily China 6. Stools are liquid, greenish sour or foul-smelling or look greenish-white ; nausea or vomiting ; pain around the navel: Ipecac 6. Gripes all over the abdomen or round the navel, owing to constipation: Nux Vom. 30. Liquid motions during teething, with convulsions Camphor Bromide 3x (trit.). Apply warmth to abdomen and give no milk, give thin barley water or milky-whey instead.


Lachesis 6 every 2 hours.


If due to cold and associated with fever: Acon. 3x. If due to taking heavy meals Puls. 6. If due to cold or to teething and if child is peevish Cham. 6. If diarrhoea exists with nausea of vomiting Ipecac 3. If pain is due to flatulence, and if gripes are present around the navel or in lower abdomen, face is pale, tremor present: Puls. 30. If patient is doubled up owing to gripes Colocynth 6. Patient is restless with pain Mag. Phosph. 12x (trit.) in hot water. Profuse diarrhoea of acid-smelling, sticky or frothy mucous stools and gripes Rheum 3 (specially useful during teething). Thirst and clay coloured motions: Merc. Dulcis 6. Mucous stools with blood Merc. Cor. 6. Rice-water-like motions Verat. Alb. 6.

Try also—Calc. Carb. 30, China 6, Carbo Veg. 30: In chronic diarrhoea Ars. 30, Sulphur 30.

Summer diarrhoea of children is a very dangerous disease and should be treated carefully. Avoid fly-pest. Avoid milk. Let child drink freely of boiled water.


Profuse liquid, watery, greenish or yellowish motions, vomiting of undigested food, collapse, sensation of warmth, restlessness are the characteristic symptoms of this very dangerous disease. Aethusa 6-30 is an excellent remedy. Profuse foul-smelling motions with morning aggravation Podophyllum 6. Body is bluish and cold, tossing about of head, convulsions, hiccup, twitchings of fingers, exhaustion, Anemia of brain and consequent low delirium; Kali Bromatum 3x, Carbo Veg. 30, Ipecac 6, China 6, Verat. 6, Phos. 6, Cuprum 6, Sulphur 30, Rubini’s Camphor.

Diet: Should be plain boiled water.

Bed wetting

Nervous irritations, worms, etc. are the causes of children wetting the bed at night If due to worms: Cina 2x-200 (especially if urine looks milky on standing), If bed is wetted in the depth of night: Bell. 6. Inability to hold water in the day or at night: Gels. 3x. Urine is loaded with uric acid: Lyco. 6. Mullein-oil is said to be useful. The child should be made to pass water at night

Retention of Urine

If no urine is passed within 36 hours of birth and the child is restless, give Aconit 3 (2 or 3 doses).

Try also—Bell. 6, Cantharis 6, Opium 30. If it is in an adult, make him sit in a tub of hot water and while there, make him pass water. If he does not succeed, catheterize.

Urine is Unnatural in Colour

If urine is blackish: Colchicum 6. If it is black Apis 3, Terebinthina 6. If it is brownish Apis 6, Cantharis 6. If it is turbid Bell. 6, Chininun Sulph. 6, China 3-200, Lyco. 12, Acid Phosph. 6, Terebinth. 6. If it is yellow Ceanothus 3x, Chamomilla 6, Kali Phos. 12x (trit.), If it is whitish Cina 3x-200. If it looks like chalk-solution or like milk: Cina 3x-200, Acid Phosph. 6, Viola Odor. 3x. If it is reddish: Acon 3, Apis 6, Bell. 6, Bryo. 6, Canth 6. If it is smoky in appearance: Tereb. 6, Acid Benzoic 6. If it is concentrated Benzoic Acid 6, Camphor 30, Hepar Sulphur 6, Merc. Cor. 6, Phosph. 6.

Smell in urine

Decomposition odour: Benzoic Acid 6. Lyco. 12, Acid Nitric 30, Sepia 6. Fishy odour Uranium Nit. 3. Garlicky odour Cuprum Ars. 6. Pungent smell Acid Nitric 30, Benzoic Acid 6, Chininum Sulph. 6, Sulphur 30. Smell is like that of Cat’s urine: Acid Nitric 30, Benzoic Acid 6. Sour smell Calc Carb. 30, Graphites 30. Sweetish smell Terebinth 6.

Urinary Sediment

Bile-pigments Chelidonium 30 or Natrum Sulph. 12x (trit.). Red coloured sediment: Berb. Vulg. 3x, Merc. Cor. 6, Phosphorus 6, Plumbum 6, Tereb. 6, Cantharis 6, Lyco 12. Like coffee-grounds Tereb. 6 or Helleborus 3x. If mucilage-like Phosphoric Acid 6, Cantharis 6, Puls. 30, Sarsa. 30. Lithic Acid or brick-dust like: Lyco. 30, Acid Nitric 30, Nux Vom. 30. White sediments with back-ache Oxalic Acid 6, Graphites 30.

Infantile Liver

It affects children under 3 years of age and starts with enlargement of that organ. Later on if patient is not going to recover, the liver gets hard and contracted, producing Anemia, dropsy and jaundice. Bleeding from liver (via stomach or intestines) often ends the scene. At the commencement dry skin, more or less continuous fever, loss of appetite, emaciation, Anemia, constipation with clay-coloured or whitish stools Calc. Ars. 30 is the chief remedy. For constipation Sulphur 30, Calc. Carb. 6.


Podophyllum 6. Liver gets hard Merc. Iod. 3, Calc. Carb. 6. Jaundice: Merc. 6. Soremouth: Acid Nitric. 6. Hacking cough: Phosphorus 6. Emaciation Arg. Nit. 6. Dropsy Ars. 6, Apis 6.

Try also—Sulphur 30, Nux Vom. 6, Bryo. 6. Mother’s milk should be stopped and cow’s milk given with barley water. Feeding should be regulated as to time, quantity and quality.


It is the height of unwisdom to interpret each cry as due to hunger ; very often the reverse is the cause. If the child cries and at the same time touches its ear, its cry is probably due to ear-ache. If it puts its finger on its gums, then the gum is tender. If it draws up its legs, it is due to gripes. If it coughs and cries, it is due to catarrh; if it suddenly starts from sleep and cries, it is due to gripes or flea-bite. If it moans, it is headache. If the skin is hot and dry, child is restless and sleepless Aconite 3x. Head is hot, face and eyes congested, child suddenly starts crying: Bell. 6. Child is peevish, cries incessantly, wants to be taken about in arms, draws up legs on account of gripes, there is fever Chamomilla 6 (especially valuable during the troublesome teething period). If Chamomilla fails, Rubini’s Spt. Camphor 1 or 2 drops. In sleeplessness due to nervous irritation Coffea 6. Cry due to constipation or flatulence Nux Vom. 30. Due to colic Magn. Phosph. 3x (trit.) in hot water. A child may cry owing to not having a bath for a long time. A bath quietens it. Never give Opium to quieten a child.


Owing to want of proper assimilation of food the child may become maciated and its temperature always remains subnormal. Give Sulphur 30, then Calc Carb. 30. If the child takes food well but thrives badly, Abrotanum 30. Some of the medicines indicated under constitution or diathetic treatment may be required.

Diet Fresh air, pure food, fresh vegetable-juice and valuable adjuncts.


This is not leprosy nor is any congener of it. It is rather related to malaria and syphilis and is due to want of pigment. Its cause is unknown. All medicines that act on the nervous system or on the general health benefit this condition. Medicines directed to cure of skin-diseases are unavailing. Use Ars. Alb. 30 or Ars. Iod. 6x (trit.) or Ars. Sulph. flav. 30 for a very long period. If this fails and if there are palpitation and shortness of breath: Phosph. 6. In hysterical girls Ignatia 6.

Also Try—Sulphur 30, Thuja 6, Calc. Carb. 30, Calc. Phos. 6x (trit.), Antim Tart 6, Zincum 6, Rhus Tox. 6. Give the child a change of air and feed it up well. To improve his nourishment give cod-liver-oil, petroleum emulsions, fruits, etc.


To prevent this, give the mother granules of Calcarea Sulph. 12x (trit.) every morning and evening during the 3rd to 7th months both inclusive. If a child is bom with cleft palate, have it mended surgically. To accelerate healing of the wound, apply Calendula in oil.

Stammering: Long use of Stramonium 3 or Hyoscyamus 3 may benefit.

Debility and Unusual Tallness

For the former give— Sulphur 30, Calc. Carb. 30, Silicea 30. For the latter; Sulphur 30, Calc. Carb. 6, Bell. 6, Silicea 6.


If due to trauma, Arnica 3. If no debility or to constitutional fault, Sulphur 30, Calc. Carb. 6.


It is a chronic disease affecting children between 6 months and 2 years, causing enlargements of ends of long bones, deformities of bones and changes in muscles, joints and internal organs. It is caused chiefly by artificial feeding and deficiency of vitamin D. Its early symptoms are: —Indigestion, restlessness, disturbed sleep, night-sweats, enlarged liver, delayed dentition, convulsions and false croup; the head is large and square limbs deformed and stunted, and round prominences appear when the ribs join the cartilages.


Calc. Phos. 12x is the principal remedy, especially for anaemic and emaciated children ; for stout children Calc. Carb. 6-30 ; for emaciated children Ars. 6 or Ars. Iod. 6.

Also Try—Silicea 6, Phos. 6, Acid Phos. 6, Sulphur 30. Give fresh unboiled milk, fresh vegetable or fruit-juices or raw meat-juice. Change of air is beneficial.

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