Homeopathic Remedies for Diseases of The Tongue

Diseases of The Tongue

Although the tongue is a mirror of the condition of alimentary tract, it is possible for diseases of the tongue to occur without corresponding trouble elsewhere in the alimentary canal.


In Malignant Tumor of Tongue — Kali- Cyanatum 3x. Burning or acrid sensation on tongue, which is dry Alumen 30. Tongue deep red and indented on sides with teeth marks. Hydrastis 30. Tongue dry and cracked, Bell. 3. Tongue cracked medially, Rhus Ven. 3. Inflammed swollen tongue, Aconite 3. Tongue swollen and protruded out of mouth and is ulcerated, Merc. Vivus 3x-6. Glossitis (inflammation of tongue) due to very hot drinks, Cantharis 3.

Swelling of tongue (dropsy), Apis 3x. Glossitis due to trauma, Arnica 3. Glossitis due to stinging or biting by insects, Natrum Mur. 6. Paralysis of tongue, Causticum 6. Tongue swollen and stiff or unable to be moved, Dulcamara 3. Feeling of tongue being too big for the mouth and inability to talk, Gels. 3. Syphilitic troubles of tongue, Fluoric Acid 3. Painful pimples on tongue making eating a task, Merc. Bin-Iod. 3 (trit.). Syphilitic ulceration of tongue, Acid Nitric 6, or Hepar Sulph. 30. If pus forms or gangrene threatens: Hepar Sulph. 6, Anthraxinum 6, Acid Nitric 6. Due to trauma: Arnica 3, Conium 6, Rhus Tox. 6 Sulphur 30, Merc. 30, Silicea 6, Dr. Goodeve Chakravorty recommended an application of juice of betel-leaves mixed with ghee. Take bland diet without salt or spices in them.

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