Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

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Patient who received head-injury or whose parents had an alcoholic history or syphilis or had epilepsy are liable to get it. This consists of a ‘fit’ of only a few second duration. Before the actual ‘fit’ comes on, the patient has warnings or ‘aura’. These ‘aura’ may be ocular, in which case the patient sees a play of colours; auditory, in which case he hears many kinds of confused- noises; or sensory, when he feels worms creeping under his skin. Within a few seconds of the ‘aura’ the patient shrieks, falls all on a heap on the ground, stretches out limbs, his body becomes arched on the back, the head is drawn to one side, his limbs, violently-twitch and jerk, his face becomes blue, froth comes out of his mouth, the tongue is bitten, stool and urine are unconsciously voided and the body is bathed in sweat, After a few such terrible seconds, the body relaxes, he regains consciousness—temporarily or partially. If the fits do not recur, consciousness is gradually restored and for a time afterwards the patient develops a murderous tendency.

Diagnose this condition from

  • Hysteria—in which the patient does not give out the shriek before falling and does not wholly loose consciousness; and
  • Apoplexy—which is more or less unilateral.

Loosen the clothes. Give fresh air. Fan, if necessary. The fit is of a few seconds’ duration and often is over, before medicines are brought over. See that he does not bite his tongue, nor grips his own throat or does any injury to himself.


During the fit, hold Amyl. Nitrite before his nose. Then try Kali Mur. 12x (trit.), (Enanthe Crocata—for acute epilepsy in adults. In case of chronic epilepsy, Bufo 6. In acute epilepsy of children give Cicuta 6, and in chronic, Opium 30, Kali Cyanatum 3—in unconsciousness with violent convulsions, body is blue and there is difficulty of breathing. If the fit is due to mental agony or fear or self-introspection and the patient is not unconscious—Ignatia 6. If pupils are dilated, eyes are fixed in stare, patient falls down unconscious after uttering a shriek and his mouth foams—Acid Hydrocyan 3x. In frequent attacks (acute illness)-Kali Bromide gr. 8-10 thrice daily for a long period. Eyes red and bright, face flushed, pupils dilated, burning sensation inside, intolerance of light, sudden startings (in acute illness)- Belladonna 1x. Severe convulsions and blueness of face— Cuprum Acet. 3x (trit.). In cases of chronic epilepsy, try Kali Hydro. 6, Bufo 6, Calc. Carb. 30, Zincum Phos. 3, Silicea 30, Plumbum 30, or Sulphur 30. If due to worms— Cina 2x, Santonine 3x (trit). Teucrium 6. If due to nervous break down—Acid Phos. 3. Phosphorus 6, Cina 6, Ferrum 6. If due to fear—Opium 30, Aconite 2x, Indigo 6x, Sudden flushes of heat from abdomen upward; fit begins with dizziness. It is best adapted where worm-symptoms predominate. Excitable before attacks and melancholy and mild afterward.

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