Homeopathic Remedies for Flatulence

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This means local accumulation of gas inside the abdomen. This gas moves about and is expelled upwards (eructation) or downwards (flatus). It is associated with indigestion.


Carbo Veg 6: Wind is locked up in upper portion of abdomen, causing pain in chest and difficulty in breathing; stools loose. Lycopodium 6; Flatulence in lower abdomen, with constipation. Lachesis 6 Relief after eructations. Chamomilla Ө Relief after eructations. Nux Vomica 3 Constipation, sense of eructation in chest, bitter or acid belchings. Try also—Sulphur 30, Nux Moschata 2x, Raphanus 30, Calc. Iod. 3, Silicea 6, China 3, Bryonia 3, Ars. 3.

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