Homeopathic Remedies for Jaundice

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In health, bile is expelled into the duodenum during the process of digestion and is re-absorbed; when an excess amount of bile circulates in the blood, it gives rise to yellow tint in the eyes and to the skin; it renders urine deep in colour, and stools whitish. Constipation or diarrhoea, profound weakness, bitter taste in the mouth, slow pulse—are the other symptoms of jaundice.


Face yellow, stitching pain in liver, bitter taste in mouth, loss of appetite, extreme prostration, bilious liquid stools China 6. Constipation, pale or yellow urine, pulse small and weak: Merc. Sol. 6 (Some give Aconite 3x, three or four times and then Merc. Sol.). Skin yellow, brownish urine, hoarse voice, cough; despondency: Phosphorus 6. Severe pain in the liver on lying on right side: Bryonia 6. Motions yellow, pain in the right shoulder: Chelidonium 6. Jaundice due to fear or anger: Chamomilla 6. Jaundice due to blood-conditions: Crotalus 6. In chronic jaundice Iod. 3,6.

Try also—Leptandra 6, Acid Phos. 30, Dolichos 3x, Natrum Sulph. 12x (trit.).

Diet: —Same as in Hepatitis.

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