Homeopathic Remedies for Kala-Azar



(Malarial Cachexia of old writers. ‘Black Fever’ or Dum Dum fever, Leishman Donovan Infection).

It is a disease caused by the entry of microscopic living Leishman-Donovan bodies into our blood through bite, probably of infected bed-bugs. It is characterized by daily double or treble attacks of fever at first and later by single, irregular fever, enormously enlarged spleen, wasting and anaemia; tendency to bleed from various parts of the body and a blackish discolouration of the whole body.

Treatment—Arsenic 3-200 Fever, dropsy, anaemia. Phosphorus 3-30 Tendency to bleeding. Ceanothus 2x Enlarged spleen. Carduus Marianus Ө-3x Enlarged liver.

Apis, Lachesis, Crotalus, China,. Quinine, Ac. Phos., Ferrum Ars., Ferrum Phos., Ferrum Cyan., Ferrum Met. may also be tried.

[The Allopaths treat by bi-weekly intravenous injections of 2% solutions of Sodium or Potassium Antim Tart. Beginning in adults, with a dose of 2Vi cc. and going up to 5 cc.]

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