Homeopathic Remedies for Leprosy

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It is caused by a specific bacillus and is spread by contact, by inoculation and by eating half-decomposed fish.

It occurs in two forms— (1) tubercular, and (2) white anaesthetic.

The early symptoms are: occasional rigor with pain, stiffness, drowsiness, vertigo, febrile attacks, sweating, nosebleed, red rash. The skin thickens, tubercles form on the face and extensor surfaces of the extremities. The nose and lips thicken. The tubercles soften, discharge and heal, leaving white scars, the skin is dry, sensation is lost.


Hydrocotyle Ө, Bacillinum 200, Ars, Iod. 3x, Vaccininum 30, Malandrinum 30-200, Graphites 3x, Anacardium 3x-30, and Hepar Sulphur 3 (in case of syphilitics). Skookum Chuck 1x-3x (trit.) used for 3 months cures those with scaly skin.

A preparation of Chaulmoogra (Gynocardia)-oil has been found very successful (especially according to some authorities) when injected under the skin or into veins. Patients should be segregated and treated with care. Stale meat and fish are strictly forbidden.

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