Homeopathic Remedies for Meningitis


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It is the result of injury, or of extension of inflammation from diseases of the bones of the skull. In some cases inflammatory disease of middle ear or inner parts of nose, pneumonia, influenza, typhoid fever, tuberculosis are also the cause of this disease.

High fever, delirium, moaning fixed-stare or closed eyes, red eyes and tongue, tremulous tongue, coma, sudden screaming-are the symptoms of this disease.


Sudden screaming: Apis 3x-200: As a rule in every case of meningits this medicine suffices; this failing, try Zincum 3x-300. Arching backwards of the body (opisthotonos) or bending of the head on one side, with fixed stare-Cicuta 6-30. Pin pricking sensation inside the head-Tarentula 6. Try also according to indications- Belladonna 3, Bryonia 3, Opium 3-30, Verat. Viride 1x, Gels. 1x, Helleborus 3, Hyoscyamus 3x-200, Lachesis 6, Phosphorus 3.

Remember that the disease is often fatal; and the patient should be placed under the care of qualified hands from the begining.

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