Homeopathic Remedies for Neuralgia

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Pain along the course of or at the termination of a nerve is called neuralgia. It may affect the teeth or the heart or the ovaries or rectum or testicles or any place and organ. A run-down condition of the body, cold, local sources of irritation are the exciting causes.


In Neuralgia of Face: Belladonna, Arsenic, Aconite, Caulophyllum, Spigelia, Phosphorus.

In Hemicrania: Arsenic, Ignatia, Coffea, China, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica, Belladonna.

In Neuralgia of Intestines: Arsenic, Aloe., Colocynth, Nux nomica, Lycopodium.

In Cardiac Neuralgia: Cactus, Belladonna, Verat. Viride 1x-3, Spigelia.

In Neuralgia of Sciatic Nerve: Chamomilla, Ignatia, Colocynth, Arsenic, Lycopodium, Plumbum, Sulphur, Phosphorus.

[All the above are to be used, except where stated otherwise, in their sixth potency.]

Ars. 6-30—Burning pains, relieved by hot application.

Magnesia Phos. (trit.)Taken in hot water cures all forms of neuralgia.

Oil Gaultheria—m. 5-Useful in neuralgias of intestines and rheumatic fever

Plantago Ɵ—Applied locally in very hot water, relieves all kinds of neuralgia.

Phosphorus 6-30—In facial neuralgia.

Aconite 3—Band-like sensation in forehead and cheeks; pain in the face due to congestion; sciatica.

Belladonna 6—Hemicrania, increased in the afternoon and accompanied with flushing of the face; neuralgia of right side of face; neuralgia of lower portion of throat.

Spigelia 3—Cutting or tearing pain in head or face; inability to lower the head or shake it when the pain extends to the eyes; palpitation and restlessness.

Colocynth 6—Hemicrania; tearing or stitching pain in the teeth of left side pain increased by movements or by application of heat; muscular twitchings, in dysmenorrhoea, in piles of males; sciatica of a stabbing character, increased by movements but relieved by continuous walking; needle- thrust-like pain in forehead and eyes; throbbing of veins inside ears; burning and cutting pain in the pupils of the eyes and hemicrania; neuralgia of right testicles.

Gelsemium 3—In neuralgic pains all over the body due to nervous exhaustion and accompanied with muscular spasms; pain in neck, shoulder and back.

Coffea 6—Right sided hemicrania, commencing in the morning and persisting all day; splitting pain in the temples aggravated by movements or by noises.

In right sided neuralgia: — Belladonna, Chamomilla.

In left sided neuralgia: —Spigelia and Colocynth.

In malarial neuralgia: —Chininum Sulph. 3x (trit.) and Arsenic 3-30.

Try also Chamomilla 12, Ignatia 3, Ruta 3, Kalmia 3, Argent. Nitric. 6, Mezereum 6, Zinc. Phos. 3x (trit.) Puls. 3-200.

All the Biochemic medicines except Calc. Sulph. and Calc. Flour. may be used according to their indications.

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