Homeopathic Remedies for Ophthalmia

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Foreign bodies (dust, etc.) solar glare, cold, smoke or soot, trauma, depressed vitality, and attack of measles or of small-pox are the frequent causes. Symptoms are: Injection- like feeling in the white of the eye (cornea), discharge of tears or of pus, glueing of eyelids, collection of mucus, sensation of foreign-body inside the eyes, smarting photophobia.


Ferrum Phos. 6x—In mild cases. Belladonna 3x— Eyes bright red and very painful; eyelids are swollen; throbbing of temples; photophobia; cheeks flushed. Alumina 30, —Eyes dry. Aurum Met. 6—caused by venereals. Aconite 3x-6. —Ophthalmia is due to rheumatism, gonorrhoea or cold (coryza) and is attended with fever. If Aconite fails and there is much pus, use Rhus Tox. 6, Merc. Cor. 3. —Pus rapidly follows watery discharge, eyelids get gummed, mucus collects and there is foreign-body sensation inside the eyes; eyes feel hot and painful; pain on opening eyelids or moving the eyes; intense photophobia and smarting. Try Hepar Sulphur 6, after Merc. Cor. If ophthalmia is of syphilitic origin. Apis Mel. 30— Much purulent discharge; photophobia; swollen lids; itching or stringing sensation. Euphrasia 3x.—Used in all stages (if there is much pus or mucus, wash with Euphrasia Ө mixed in 1 oz. of water), injected eyes; photophobia; running from eyes and nose; repeated sneezing; small pimples appear on the white of the eye or around on the black portion. Pulsatilla 30.—In acute or chronic cases; in cases due to gonorrhoea. Arg. Nitric. 3-30—Profuse discharge of pus (especially in children); in chronic cases with yellowish discharge but without pain. Hepar Sulphur 6-30. In cases due to gonorrhoea. Acid Nitric 6-200.—Cases due to gonorrhoea or syphilis. Sulphur 6-200.—Inflammation of eyes; red ulcers around the pupils; stinging sensation; aggravation of pain on coming in contact with water; ophthalmia due to scrofula. If small pimples appear on the white of the eyes, take Merc. Sol. 6-30. If pimples appear on eyelids due to ophthalmia. Puls. or Sulphur 30. If pus is discharged as the result of inflammation, Arg. Nitric,. 3-30 (If necessary drop into eyes with a lotion made of Arg. Nitric. 0 m. in 10 oz. of water).

Try also—Phosph. 6, Gels. 6, Calc. Iod. 6x, Calc. Carb. 6, Staphysagria 6, Ars. 6, Zincum 6. Keep the patient clean and on clean bed; clean the eyes with rose-water or Boric-acid-lotion (gr. viii to 1 oz. of water) or alum-lotion (of the same strength). A few drops of fresh cabbage-leaf-juice mixed with honey may also be dropped into the eyes. Avoid cold application to the eyes and keep them under green or yellow shade.

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