Homeopathic Remedies for Orchitis

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It means inflammation of the testicles and its coverings. It is the result of Gonorrhea or syphilis and accumulation of serum or pus may occur; the ball swells in consequence and it may be a painful or painless swelling.


Puls. 3—In acute condition. Acon. 3—High fever and restlessness. Belladonna 3x-3—The part is red, swollen, hot, unbearably painful. Hamamelis 1—The patient is hypersensitive. Also apply locally a lotion of Hamamelis Ө (1 part to 15 parts of water). Spigelia 3—Swelling of the testicles, stitching pain in chronic conditions. Clematis 3— In chronic orchitis due to Gonorrhea. Aur Met. 30— Enlargement of and pain in testicles. Merc. Bin. 3x—In syphilitic enlargement of testes. Aur. 30—In neuralgic pain of testicles: Hamamelis 3—Orchitis associated with nocturnal emissions, melancholy, fidgety temper: Conium 3—In impotence.

Try also—Arnica 6, Sepia 30, Sulphur 30, Silicea 6, Hepar 30, Merc. 3.

Use a scrotal supporter, never allow the organs to dangle. Apply plenty of cold water to the part and keep bowels free.

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