Homeopathic Remedies for Otorrhoea



This is the result of fever or measles and is also found in scrofulous children. In adults, before deafness sets in, this disease makes its appearance.


A few drops of Mullein-Oil put into the ear, may cure. If too much foetid pus is formed, Aur. Met. 6. If the patient is syphilitic and alongwith the pain and swelling in the back and below the ear, there is foetid pus, Acid Nitric 6. In refrectory chronic cases—Calc. Carb. 6-30. If pus is thin and tinged with blood and is foetid smelling, Graphites 6. If pus or watery discharge is without foetor, Puls. 6. If there is acute pain and discharge is purulent or bloody-pus, Merc. Sol. 6. If there is external swelling and thin discharge issues from the ear, Silicea 30. If the ears are partially deaf (the partial and transitory deafness disappearing in the presence of violent noises) and if there are dry crusts inside the ear and thin pus escapes, Silicea 30. If pus is bloody and thin, Graphites 6. In chronic cases, try Tellurium 6. If when the pus dries up and deafness threatens, Sulphur 30, and Phosphorus 6 are recommended by many to be used alternately for a long time. Remember not to syringe out the ear with water and that long persistence of otorrhoea is damaging to hearing.

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