Homeopathic Remedies for Parotitis (Mumps)


Parotitis (Mumps)

This is an epidemic disease usually affecting children and young adults. In it the gland in front of one or both ears swells, rendering the part hard, swollen and painful. Nausea, increase of pain in mastication or swallowing or moving the head are other usual symptoms. Heart-trouble, inflammation of testicles (orchitis) or of the female breast and head affections are the dangerous complications. The disease itself is a mild one and cures easily.


Aconite 3x-3—Fever, thirst, restlessness, pain, especially in the acute stage and if the disease is due to cold.

Merc. Bin. Iod. 3x—30.—Useful when the disease is sub-acute and the fever is less and there is dribbling of saliva. Puls. 3x—In mumps following inflammation of testicle. Bellad. 3x-30—If the parotitis is on right side, the patient is delirious and the part is swollen and red. Rhus Tox 3.—If the parotitis is on left side, the part is swollen and red and if the disease is caused by damp air during the pains. Sulphur 30.—If suppuration threatens. Hepar Sulph. 6-30.—In the final stage of the malady. Silicea 6-30—If sinus forms. Apply locally an ointment made up of Bin-Iod of Mercury gr. xv, and Vaseline 1 oz.

Diet: —As in all fevers, Milk and soup (fish, flesh or vegetables) are freely recommended.

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