Homeopathic Remedies for Piles (Haemorrhoids)

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Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles are small Tumors consisting of swollen veins in the anal region. They may be mainly divided under two classes-external and internal; these again are sub-divided as bleeding or blind. External piles appear singly or in groups like a bunch of grapes outside the anal sphincter; internals are within and cannot be seen from without. Bleeding piles are those that bleed while blind piles do not bleed.

Causes: Constipation, cirrhosis of liver, heart diseases, gout, pregnancy, abuse of purgatives, habitual drinking, sitting on cushioned seats etc.


Nux Vomica 30—Occasional diarrhoea; extrusion of piles during stools; loin-ache; pain during making water; aggravation after food or hard thinking; useful to those sedentery people who indulge in rich dishes.

Sulphur 30—Valuable in old sufferers. Obstinate constipation with passage of blood-streaked hard stools; burning pain and smarting in anus; frequent but ineffectual urgings for stools. [Use Sulphur in morning and Nux in the evening, with good results].

Lachesis 30 or Sepia 30—Piles look like onions or like a nose around the anus.

Aethusa 3—Sensation of sharp stick inside the rectum; backache; bleeding.

Collinsonia 2x—Associated with constipation. This failing try Alumina. 6.

Antim Crud 6—Much-like white of an egg is passed.

Ratanhina 6—Much burning in anus.

Graphites 6—Large, hard, knotty stools passed with difficulty.

Hamamelis 2x—Free bleeding from piles; if the piles are external, apply to it a rag soaked in a lotion of Hamamelis Ө, 30 drops in 8 ounces of distilled water.

Aloe 6—Diarrhoea; burning and cutting pain; much straining, dirty blood with liquid stools.

Try also—Bell. 6, Aurum. 6, Capsicum 3, Merc. 3, Acid Nitric 6, Phosphorus 6, Silicea 6, Berberis 1x-3, Dioscorea 0, Hepar 3-30.

In the early stages when the, piles are painful-Aconite 6. In congested liver with clay-coloured stools- Phosphorus 6, Sulphur 30. In congested pregnant women with diarrhoea-Aloe 6. In blind piles with pain in the early stages- Aconite 3. With burning and smarting-Capsicum 6. In chronic condition-Nux Vom. 30 in the evening and Sulphur 30 in the morning. In mucus discharges associated with piles-Acon. 6, Merc. 6. In chronic cases with much emaciation-Ars. 30, Ferrum 30, Carbo veg. 30, Acid phosph. 30, China 6.

Other medicines recommended are—Thuja 30, Acid Nitric 30, Phosph. 30, Causticum 30, Muriatic Acid 3x.

Diet etc.: A man with piles should avoid exposure to fire or the sun; fastings; holding up any urgings for urine or stools; riding; sitting as at stool; rich or spicy or pungent food, fluor, meats, fries, etc. He should especially take papaya, sugar-cane, butter (fresh) gourd, pumpkin, herbs, green vegetables, plaintain, melon, coconut, pine-apple, mango, bael, lichi, lemon, orange, tamarind, dates, raisins, almond, olives, peach, pistachio, arum, lady’s finger, whey, sugar-candy, molasses, etc.

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