Homeopathic Remedies for Pneumonia

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It is an inflammation of a portion or the whole of lung-substance. Sometimes both the lungs are simultaneously affected. It is a very serious and often a fatal disease. It is a self limited disease, the temperature falling gradually (or ‘by lysis’) or very suddenly (or ‘by crisis’) to below normal, on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th day of disease. Convalescence then begins. It is caused by germs (Pneumococcus bacillus) and is often complicated by meningitis, or pus in chest cavity (pyo- thorax). It is divided into three stages 1st stage Stage of congestion—When rusty-coloured, scanty, frothy expectoration occurs. Second stage: Stage of hepatization— it gives rise to viscid sputum, delirium, dry tongue and very quick weak pulse. Third stage Stage of resolution — matters clear up. To those who know the use of the stethoscope, the chest is dull on percussion and gives rise to fine crepitations in the early stage; to tubular breathing in the second stage and to ‘redux crepitation’ (coarse ones) during the third stage.


Aconite 3x-6—Fever in the early stage; catarrh; malaise restlessness; pain in the shoulders or in the chest; slight cough; aggravation in the afternoon. Phosphorus 6- 30—Constant hacking cough; intense pain in chest; yellow, rusty or greenish sputum; quick pulse, fine crepitation- sounds in the chest; broncho-pneumonia of children. Hepar Sulphur 6—Sputum is purulent. Bryonia 6-30—Constant dry cough with scanty expectoration; pressure of stitching sensation in chest; increase of pain on coughing. Hyoscyamus Cough and frightful dreams. Cuprum 6—In threatened paralysis. Carbo Veg. 30—Patient’s body is bluish and the extremities are cold. Verat. Vir. 1x (during 1st stage)—Chest hot, heavy and painful; chilliness; painful respirations; dry cough; pulse full, hard and bounding. Antim. Tart. 12— Laryngitis present; tickling sensation in throat; cough, wheezing; profuse expectoration easily brought up; restlessness and anxiety; face dusky; congestion of brain. Gels. 3x.6—Right lung affected; pain in liver-region; difficult respiration; yellow sticky stools. Sulphur 6-30—In the early stage of the disease or before pus forms.

Try also—Iod. 6, Kali Mur. 12x (trit.), Chelidonium 3, Ferr. Phos. 3x (trit.), Ars. 3, Sanguinaria 1, Senega 1x-30.

The patient must be kept recumbent, his room well- ventilated, care being taken to prevent cold draughts. Poultices are out of date and useless. It is of primary importance to keep up the patient’s strength; for this purpose, one can use meat-broths if necessary.

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