Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis


It means inflammation of prostate gland. Inflammation is usually due to Gonorrheal troubles and leads to pain in the penis, retention of urine and feaces, intense pain at the time of micturition and defecation, passage of pus per urethra.


In the acute stage: Puls. 3, Merc. Sol. 6. In subacute stage Kali Iod. 0 gr. i. In chronic stages Puls. 6, Acid Nitric 30, Thuja 6-30 or Sabal Serrulata Ө (m. 5 per dose) Chimaphilla umbellata Ө-30. In hypertrophy of the prostate (Characterized by acute pain during micturition or inability to make water except with the help of catheter), give Sabal Serrulata 0 (m. 5 per dose). This drug is also useful in sexual debility of males, When pus forms, in acute stage: Merc. Sol. 6 or Sulphur 6. In chronic stage Sulphur 30 or Acid Nitric 30.

Keep the patient in bed and apply hot compress.

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