Homeopathic Remedies for Retention and Suppression of Urine

Retention of urine

It is the accumulation of urine in the urinary bladder without being able to void it. It is due to loss of sense of distention as in typhoid fever or to mechanical obstruction (stone, stricture of urethra, etc.). In this condition, the lower abdomen swells and is painful. If the distention of the bladder is not relieved, it may burst and endanger life or the urine may be absorbed in part and render the patient delirious and make him collapse.


In retention of new-born babies, make them inhale every 15 minutes, Spt. Camphor 0. If the retention was preceded by scalding pain in the urethra: Spt. Camphor Ө. If owing to paralysis of bladdder, urine dribbles out; Nux Vom. 6 or Causticum 6. For hysterical women: Nux Moschata 2x, Ignatia 6, Gels. 6. For enlarged prostate Puls. 6, or Baryta Carb. 6. Some prefer to give alternately—Aconite 1x-3, Gels. 3x or Aconite 3x, Cantharis 6—at the commencement of retention.

Suppression of Urine

In this condition, the kidneys fail to manufacture the urine and entire urinary poison is absorbed into the system, as in cholera, nephritis, etc. which gives rise to coma, delirium, intense prostration, etc.


Due to acute nephritis: Aconite 1x-3 or Terebinthina 6. Due to cold: Aconite 3. Coma, coma vigil: Opium 6 30. Due to hysteria Ignatia 3 or Opium 6. Due to cholera Terebinthina 6, Cantharis 6, Kali Bich. 6.

Diet etc.: —Keep the patient warm. Give hot fomentation over the bladder in retention and over loins in suppression. In suppression the diet should be the same as in nephritis. In retention the patient may be made to sit in tub of warm water and made to urinate while in it.

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