Homeopathic Remedies for Sun-Stroke

Humidity and stillness of the atmosphere lowness of country level, working or marching in heat; alcoholism and over-eating, tight clothing and depressed health are the causes that give rise to sun-stroke. Of the two forms, heat-shock is the milder and heat-fever is the graver one. In heat- shock—lassitude, giddiness, nausea, weak pulse and clammy sweats occur; in heat-fever—the temperature may rise even to 109°F., with stertorus breathing, coma, flushed face, injected eyes and bounding pulse.


Giddiness, burning sensation inside the body, pain at the back of the head, sudden unconsciousness-Glonome 3 (every 5 minutes); When the face, is flushed and eyes blood-shot-Belladonna 3; Headache every summer (as sequelae)- Natrum Carb. 6, Use according to indications— Aconite 3, Verat. Viride 3.

Remove the patient, if unconscious, to the shadiest and coolest place and apply ice to head. If there be no convulsions and the body heat is great, apply cold-sponging or use cold pack. If he is strongly convulsed, let him inhale Amyl Nitrite 9 for a second.

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