Homeopathic Remedies for Tetanus

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The germ that gives rise to this disease gets entrance into our body through breaches of the skin surface. Entering the body, it gives rise to certain poisons that fix themselves on and act upon the spinal cord. The first symptoms and the most constant symptoms throughout the disease is lockjaw—inability to open the mouth properly. With the onset of lock jaw, fever sets in and rises in intensity proportionate to the number, duration and severity of convulsions. The slightest noise, the least breath of wind, the sudden rush of a flood of light—all tend to send the man into convulsions. The convulsion of tetanus is not a jerky one—the whole body becomes stiff suddenly—the man resting on his heels and head or perhaps jerked violently out of his bed. During one of these fits he may expire. The number of fits counts in judging the expiring stage.


(Repeat every 20 minutes, if necessary). If the convulsions are not severe, Hypericum Ó¨-30, Nux Vomica 1x, Strychnine 3x (trit.). Hydrocyanic Acid 3, OEanthe 3x. Arnica 3. Give Hypericum 1x (from the very start). Pain in slight pressure, Arnica 3. Face cyanosed, OEnanthe 3x. Chill and sweat during convulsions. Aconite Rad. 1x. If the convulsions succeed after short intervals and the body arches backwards, Nux Vomica 6. If convulsions are violent, Acid Hydro. 3. If the whole body is stiff, Physostigma 3. Body stiff or contorted, eyes fixed, unconsciousness, convulsions at long intervals, face flushed, difficult breathing, foaming at mouth, body arched backwards, Cicuta Virosa 6. Patient is conscious, getting suffocated, body now relaxed and convulsed, Nux Vomica 3x.

Apply Calendula Lotion (1 dram of Ó¨ to 1 oz. of water) to the injured part, ice to spine and feed him with liquids.

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