Homeopathic Remedies for Ulcer

This is an open wound or sore caused by injury, bums, pressure and exposure to burning heat, or some other similar sources. It may be due to imperfect circulation, infection or malignant diseases such as syphilis, etc. In some cases there may be profuse thin acrid discharge or pure pus.


Arsenic 6-30Ulcer bleeds, has burning sensation, margins indurated and hot; bloody or blackish pus exudes. Sulphur 30, Calc. 30: Ulcer due to scrofula. Bell. 3x: Ulcer red, with burning pain. Silicea 30 Ordinary ulcer slowly suppurating. Hepar Sulphur 30: To lessen the secretion (especially in case of syphilis). Merc. 6: In syphilitic ulcer. Sulphur 30: Chronic intractable ulcer. Calendula Ө: When gangrene commences (1 oz. in 12 ozs. of water, should be applied locally).

Chronic Ulcer. Ulcer bleeds easily, has burning secretion, is painful and its margins are hard: Ars. 30. Foul-smelling thick pus, itchiness, stinging sensation, sinus with exuberant granulations: Graphites 6. Gangrenous ulcer here and there, with pimple-like emptions around them, the ulcers discharging foetid pus Lachesis 6. Itchiness, gnawing or cutting pain; ulcer bleeds easily on touch, the blood being foul and sour-smelling Acid Sulphur 6 (useful also in gangrenous ulcers that have reached down to bone). In abuse of mercury and the presence of sinus: Lycopod. 12. or Acid Nitric 6. Deep ulcer, with raised margins; ulcer is like a puncture and is red; aggravation of pain on touch; ulcer bleeds readily: Merc. Sol. 6.

Try also—Calc. Fluor. 12x (trit.) Silicea 30, Hepar Sulph. 30. Apply Calendula-lotion [0 ten minims in 6 drams of water].

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