Homeopathic Remedies for Vertigo (Giddiness)

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Vertigo (Giddiness)

It is secondary to debility from excessive study or sexual indulgence, indulgence in narcotics, night-keeping dyspepsia, heart or kidney diseases or injuries to head. The patient feels that the things about him are unsteady and when he attempts to walk, his body sways from side to side and he tends to fall. On suddenly rising, he may see a play of colours before his eyes and may faint.


  • In nervous cases especially if due to Tumors Coffea 6, Nux Moschata 1x—3; Ignatia 3, Zincum 3-6; Theridion 30 (if accompanied with nausea and vomiting and if dizziness is aggravated by movements or closing the eyes, Ambra 3).
  • Due to eye diseases For eye-strain, Ruta 1-30. For contraction of pupils, Physostigma 1x-30.
  • Due to ear-diseases: Causticum 6-30, Gels. 3x-30; Stramonium 3x-30.
  • Due to digestive troubles Nux Vomica 3-30.
  • Due to poverty of blood; Baryta Carb. 6; Lycopodium 12, Silicea 30. [It usually commences in the morning, lessens after food and increases after exertions. There is no accompanying headache.]
  • Due to plethora [It does not commence in the morning, is aggravated after food and lessens after exertions. Headache usually accompanies it]. Bell. 3x-30, Nux Vom. 3-30, Arnica 3, Natrum Mur. 12x. (trit)—200, Lachesis 6. If giddiness increases on stooping, Calcarea 6-200, Bryonia 3-30, Sepia 6-200.
  • If there is a tendency to fall forward; Spigelia 30, Cicuta 6; In tendency to fall backwards, Bryonia 6-30, Nux Vomica 3x-200, Rhus 6-30; in tendency to fall on one side, Sulphur 30.

The patient should live out-of-doors, secure regular movement of his bowels, eat plain, easily digestible food and bathe daily.

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