Homeopathic Remedies for Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Cause—It is caused by germs carried from the diseased to healthy person by the stegomiya mosquito. These mosquitoes are uncommon in India and the opening up of the Panama canal is likely to have cast about the germs of this disease.

Stages, Symptoms and Treatment

Incubation period— (1—5 days)—Loss of appetite, nausea and depression are the symptoms. Ipecac. 3. If nausea is predominant. Arsenic 6, if depression is marked.

Febrile Stage— (24—60 hours): Chill, shivering, high temperature (101°—105° F.), quick pulse, anxious expression, intense headache, pains and aches all over the body, scanty urine, constipation and foul smell from the body-surface are the leading symptoms in this stage. Give Spt. Camphor if chill and shivering are marked; Aconite 3x, if fever is high; Belladonna 3, if headache accompanies fever; Cimicifuga 6, If there are intense aching all over; Bryonia 3 or Gels 3x if fever do not abate at all within 24 hours; Ipecac. 3, if nausea or vomiting are intense.

Stage of Remission—With subsidance of pains, the fever abates. But if insomnia, indigestion, ravenous hunger, yellow tint of the skin and other signs of depressed vitality are present, they augur ill. If convalescence does not set in a day or two, the stage of collapse supervenes. Try— Coffea 6 in sleeplessness; Merc. in yellow tint of body; Arsenic 3 or 30 in severe prostration.

Stage of Collapse (3-4 days): Skin is yellow; nausea is marked, black vomit, bloody mucous stools, bleeding from several parts of the body; burning sensation in throat and abdomen; bloody or suppressed urine; collapse, cold skin, great prostration, delirium, hiccough, convulsions or coma. The best remedy for this stage is Crotalus 3—6, Cadmium Sulph. 3—30 is valuable in bloody vomit.

Leading indications of some of the remedies

Rubini’s Spirit of Camphor— (Dose 1 drop, every 15 minutes). At the onset of fever prolonged and severe chill and rigor.

Aconite 3x—6—Temperature following rigor is 102°F. or higher; skin dry and hot; pulse quick, full and hard; face flushed; much thirst; headache; bilious or mucous vomit.

Belladonna 3x—30—Eyes red, throbbing headache, pulse full and quick; delirium, attempts to bite.

Bryonia 3—Tongue is coated white or yellow; lips are dry; obstinate constipation; nausea or vomiting; intense thirst.

Antim Tart. 3 (trit.) 6Nausea; vomiting followed by great prostration.

Arsenic Alb. 3—6— [Valuable during the collapse stage with delirium]. Face yellowish or bluish; tip of nose is cold and pointed; tongue dry or blackish; rapid and great prostration; vomiting after eating or drinking, repeated vomiting; fear of death; gripes; burning urine passes in drops; difficulty in making water; body cold with clammy sweats; bleeding from genitals.

Crotalus 3—If, during collapse stage, there appear prostration; haemorrhage predominates; bleeding from eyes, ears, nose, intestines or from the skin; bloody sweat; skin is yellow.

Lachesis 6—In nervous prostration with bloody (black) urine; dry tremulous tongue; delirium; cannot bear anything around waist.

Cadmium Sulph. 3—30—Burning or cutting pain in stomach; suffocating hiccough, retching and vomiting—black vomit.

Other Medicines—Arg. Nitricum 3, Cantharis 3x (in difficult or suppressed urination), Coffea 6 (sleeplessness). Secale 3x (threatened abortion), Phosphorus 3 (where Crotalus and Lachesis fail to stop bleeding or remove jaundice), Verat. A 6, Merc. Sol. 3, Gels 3x, Rhus T. 3 (in typhoid condition), Carbo Veg. 30 (collapse).

Tissue RemediesFerrum Phos. 12x (trit.)—During fever; Natrum Sulph. 3 (trit.)—in bilious intermittent fever or when tongue is coated greyish yellow or when there is black vomit; Kali Phos. 6x (trit)-prostration; yellow, blue or black vomit; bleeding.

Accessory Treatment—Keep patient in all well ventilated, dry room; burn or bury at some distance all the deject as soon as they are passed; disinfect patient’s clothes, after the cure or death. Give hot mustard foot-bath during rigors; sponge the body during high temperature; give soap- water enema in case of constipation.

During fever, give water to be drunk freely; give orange juice, barley-gruel, whey, milk diluted with water, and soups during convalescence. During collapse, whisky, brandy, champagne, etc. may be given.

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