Homeopathic Treatment For Autism

Nowadays autism disease has increased a lot. Earlier people used to go to Pediatrician, but now more people are coming to Homeopathy. First of all, how do we know whether a child has autism or not? Let’s try to identify. First let us try to find out whether the child is unusually stubborn, does not learn anything quickly, breaks and toss things more, repeats his movements again and again, scared of even the slightest sound, when his parents feel that he has become very evil and scolded him and calms him down, but it is not necessary that your child is a devil. Watch his movements carefully and try to understand him.

What is Autism?

Autism is a mental disorder that interferes with brain development. Autism is a disease in which the patient remains lost in his own world, unaware of the outside world since childhood. It is a type of neurological disorder that limits the ability to communicate and interact with other people. A child with autism develops at a much slower rate than a normal child.

Symptoms of autism
  • Slurred speech
  • Inability to speak openly to other people
  • Prefer to be alone
  • Taking too long to respond to anything
  • Play the same work or sport every day
  • Listen and keep speaking your own invented words over and over again
  • Terrified of talking into someone else’s eyes
  • Many children are too scared
What are the causes of autism?

So far, it has not been known in research that what is the main cause of autism, but some reasons may be responsible for it like –

  1. Having a birth defect
  2. Not getting the necessary vaccines before and after the baby is born.
  3. Improper eating habits of pregnant.
  4. The mother has a serious illness during pregnancy.
  5. Abnormalities in brain activity.
  6. Abnormalities in brain chemicals.
  7. Premature birth of the child or the child not developing properly in the womb.
  8. Baby crying late at birth.

Boys are more prone to this disease than girls. There is no definitive way to diagnose this disease, although if it is diagnosed early, something can be done to improve the condition. This disease is found all over the world and it has serious effects on children, families, community and society.

What do you tell your parents?
  1. Encourage children to play physical games.
  2. First explain them, then teach them to speak.
  3. Teach them new words through play.
  4. Talk in short sentences.
  5. Explain the correct way to play with toys.
  6. Keep the child stress free.

Many children have been seen to benefit from homeopathic medicine. If the child is kept in homeopathic medicine for a long time, then children have been seen to be cured. You take the symptoms carefully and always stay on the totality symptom, that is your medicine.

Borax 30 – The child is afraid to go down the stairs. Crying excessively in the slightest voice. If such symptoms are found, then take this medicine.

Calcarea Carb 30 – Sweating on the forehead, timid, fat chubby, fearful in the evening, irritability, forgetting things, repeating the same words over and over again.

Baryta carb 30 – Patient’s intelligence is like a child, brain not working properly, retarded, blushing, no desire to play with anyone, sitting in a corner, walking on one knee.

Helium 30 – Nothing to do with the world, living in one’s own world, no one should be around it, don’t talk eye to eye with anyone. Do not make any difference to anyone, keep yourself closed, do not mix with anyone, have no meaning in life.

Hydrogenium 30 – Error in writing, speaking, stuttering, retardation.

Tarentula Hispanica 30 – Breaking things, hitting, jumping excessively, lying, stealing things, not sitting in one place, making excuses.

Agaricus 30 – Speech is not clear, busy in making songs, keep changing words, being fearless, limbs twitching.

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