Homeopathy Medicine for Keloids

An example of keloid scarring is a red, raised area of fibrous scar tissue that develops on the skin after any trauma or injury to the skin. Keloid scarring is a type of scarring that is brought on by an excessive amount of collagen being formed in the skin’s outer layer (dermis) during the process of connective tissue repair.

After any kind of skin injury, some people are more likely to develop keloid lesions.


Keloids are brought on by skin wounds like:

  • Acne
  • Surgical cuts
  • Trauma
  • Scratch marks
  • Vaccination sites
  • Ear piercing
  • Burns


  • a raised, shiny surface with a dome-like shape.
  • Red to pink color range
  • Itching
  • Sometime pain or tenderness


GRAPHITES :Useful in the early stages of keloid development. Acts quickly to absorb scar tissue and dissolve keloid at the very first signs of keloid development.

SILICEA :Useful for painful Keloids. Aids in relieving discomfort and removing extra connective tissue that contributes to the growth of Keloids.

NITRIC ACID :Useful for keloid that have sharp, splinter-like pains and are shaped erratically and frequently have a jagged appearance.

FLOURIC ACID :Helpful to shrink keloids, which are useful for itchy keloids that are made worse by heat.

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