Patanjali Divya Kayakalp Vati Extra Power (80 Tabs)

Divya Kayakalp Vati Extra Power by Patanjali (80 Tabs)

The herbal extracts in Divya Kayalp vati extra power help re-establish the balance of elements in your body and give you glowing skin. Serious skin problems like eczema, scabies, leprosy, and luekoderma that damage your skin are treated by Divya Kayalp vati extra power. Our skin becomes dull and damaged due to a contaminated and unbalanced diet or harsh environment, leading to skin ailments like pimples

Eighty (250 mg) tablets total.

Brand Patanjali
Remedy Type Ayurvedic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Tablet
Price ₹ 125

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