Dr. Reckeweg R49 (Rhinopulsan) Drops (22ml)


Dr. Reckeweg’s R49 indications

In cases of sinusitis, acute and chronic catarrh of the nose and maxillary sinus, polyp formation in children, and loss of taste and odor.

Dr. Reckeweg R49’s primary ingredients’ mode of action

Album by Arsenicum: Depression and chronic illnesses generally.

Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni: A constitutional remedy for gland swelling, swollen mucous membranes, pastoedem habitus, and scrofula in children.

Maxillary sinus and forehead catarrh, cinnabar.

Kalium bichromicum: Helps with chronic mucosal irritation, chronic catarrh, and expectorations (yellowish). Aids in the emission of glair (nose and maxillary sinus).

When exposed to fresh air, pulsatilla experiences similar results.

R49 by Dr. Reckeweg dosage

Dr. ReckewegR49 should be diluted in water and taken 10 times per hour for acute conditions and 3–4 times per day for chronic conditions.


Used only with a doctor’s approval.

BrandDr. Reckeweg
Container TypeBOTTLE
Shelf LifeLong expiry
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginGermany
Form FactorDrops
Suitable ForVeg / Vegetarian
Price₹ 270

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