Dr. Reckeweg R50 Gynecological Sacroiliac Complaints Drops 22ml


the 50th Dr. Reckeweg

Gynecological Sacroiliac pain


Pains in the vertebral column, sacroiliac complaints of indefinite genesis, pains radiating along the vertebral column up to the head and tip of the nose, sometimes also in abdominal organs, pains of various nature in the sacral region, usually resulting from abdominal diseases, pains that worsen with movement but can also be acute when resting or at night, and pains that radiate along the vertebral column up to the head and tip of the nose.

Principal Ingredients’ Mode of Action

  • Aesculus: Hemorrhoid-like, tearing pains with sacral bone radiating pain.
  • Colocynthis: sharp pains radiating through the legs from the sacrum.
  • Cimicifuga: Specific action in relation to sacroiliac complaints in connection with the abdominal organs, pains radiating in the back and head and up to the nose, and may also be effective in pains occurring after a fracture of the skull or concussion of the brain. Favorable influence in rheumatism in the tendons and ligaments. Specific effect on the feminine sexual organs. Against pains in the breasts, occurring ante menses.
  • Natrium chloratum: Sacroiliac pains that progress to morning sneezing and nervous hypersensitivity along with constipation, shivering, and eventually.
  • Phytolacca: The sacrum is weak (especially when standing), the loins feel compressed, and there are sciatic-like pains that radiate into the legs.
  • Strontium carbonicum: Various forms of rheumatism and arthritis, mostly in the joints of the haunches.

How to Use: Take 10-15 drops in a little water three to four times per day as a prolonged cure, preferably before meals.

Take 10-15 drops every 5–10 minutes for a short time (half an hour to an hour) if you are experiencing acute intermittent pains and aggravation.

* The treatment should be stopped for 1-2 days in the event of a primary reaction (aggravating), after which 5–10 drops will be administered 1-2 times daily.

* Take 1-2 drops a day for at least three months after the cure, even though the pains have completely vanished.

Important Information: use as directed by a physician

BrandDr. Reckeweg
Container TypeBottle
Shelf LifeLong Life
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginGermany
Form FactorDrops
For Use ByWomen / Female
Suitable ForVeg / Vegetarian
Price₹ 235

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