Dr. Reckeweg R53 (Comedonin) Drops (22ml)


Dr. Reckeweg’s R53 indications

Aids in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, suppurative skin diseases, pimples, and acne vulgaris.

Dr. Reckeweg R53’s primary ingredients’ mode of action

Due to the placenta’s regenerative action on the conjunctive tissues and its effect of excitation on the germinal glands, the use of extracts and triturations of placenta is appropriate for treating acne vulgaris and pimples, which occur at the age of puberty when there is insufficient activity of the germinal glands. Other ingredients, such as bromum and bromine salt, have a selective and antagonistic effect according to the law of “ARNDT-SCHUL

Juglans: Particularly effective against pimples and comedones, especially on the faces of young girls. Ledum has a particular effect on suppurative rash, Hepar sulph acts on suppurative comedomes, and Natrium chloratum has a particular effect when acne is confined to the scalp.

Miliaria, pustules and papules with crust formation, especially on the face and ears, and intense itching are all symptoms of viola tricolor, a blood purifier.

R53 by Dr. Reckeweg dosage

In order to avoid impairing the efficacy of the present remedy, it will be of the utmost importance to avoid toxicating nutrition, especially bacon, ham, sausages of any kind, and pork. These foods promote the formation of pus and acne, and even a small slice of sausage may harm the efficacy of the present preparation. 3 times daily, 10-15 drops in a little water before meals. In acute suppuration and inflammation, the same dose every 1-2 hours.


Used only with a doctor’s approval.

Brand Dr. Reckeweg
Container Type BOTTLE
Shelf Life Long expiry
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin Germany
Form Factor Drops
Suitable For Veg / Vegetarian
Price ₹ 250

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