Dr. Reckeweg R68 Shingles Skin Rash Drops 22ml



Varioform manifestations of herpes zoster

Principal Ingredients’ Mode of Action

Herpes zoster is homoeopathically treated by the individual ingredients in this preparation.

  • Mezereum: Neuralgia, itching, and burning around weeping vesicles on the skin with a red areola.
  • Natrium chloratum: Laboratory herpes
  • Rhus toxicodendron: Bullae and vesicles on the skin that are itchy and painful, have a reddish base, and are numerous.

How to Use: When symptoms improve, reduce dosage to 2-3 hourly 10-15 drops for acute cases. In the beginning, administer 12 – 1 hourly 10 drops in some water.

Important Information: use as directed by a physician

Brand Dr. Reckeweg
Container Type Bottle
Shelf Life Long Life
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin Germany
Form Factor Drops
Suitable For Veg / Vegetarian
Price ₹ 235

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