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Reproductive System Disease

Anatomy: Testicles and certain glands near about them, secrete the spermatic fluid in the male. This fluid is carried from the testicles into two sacculated tubes lying behind the urinary bladder, called vesicles seminalis; from here they are squired into the urethra, whence they are ejected into the female organs during the act of copulation and at the height of the organism. The testicles do not contain the permatic fluid ready to be discharged; its secretion is called forth by the sexual act, mainly through a secondary nervous center residing in the lumbar region of the spinal chord.

Homeopathic Medicine for Masturbation

Masturbation ORIGANUM 3 Great sexual excitement driving to masturbation. Scarcely a day passes without indulgence. Increased sexual desire for coitus. Lascivious dreams. Masturbation in young girls. STAPHYSAGRIA 6, 30 Mind dwells too…

Homeopathic Medicine for Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea ALUMINA 6, 30 It is especially adapted to thin, weak and chilly, women who lead a sedentary life. The discharge of leucorrhoea is yellow, thick, transparent, acrid and excoriating. It is very profuse and ropy, running down…

Homeopathic Medicine for Syphilis

Syphilis MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS 3X, 200 ONWARDS Merc. Sol. is the head remedy for all stages of non-congenital and acquired syphilis. It should be given in low potencies in acute cases and in very high potencies in chronic cases. It…

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