SBL Bio Combination 13 (450g) : Reduces Weakness In girls with White acrid, watery discharge (leucorrhoea)


Also known as

Biocomb 13, Biocomb No. 13, and BC 13



529 (gms)


Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 12.5 cm

SBL Bio Combination 13

BC 13- White discharge (vaginal)

Composition of SBL Bio Combination 13

  • 3-fold calcea phosphorica
  • 3-fold Kalium Phosphoricum
  • Kalium Sulfurum 3x
  • 3 times natrum muriaticum

Indications of SBL Bio Combination 13

  • discharge from the genital area resembling egg white.
  • After discharge, young girls generally feel weak.
  • in the teen years.

Action of Biochemic medicines in SBL Bio Combination 13

Calcarea phosphorica 3x Leucorrhea like white of egg day and night. Burning in the vagina and uterus during menses.: Burning in the vagina and uterus during menstruation, calcea phosphorica 3x leucorrhea-like day and night.

Kalium phosphoricum 3x White vaginal discharge, offensive smelling, putrid, Too profuse discharge, sometimes with offensive odor.: White, putrid, excessively abundant, and occasionally offensive smelling vaginal discharge; Kalium phosphoricum 3x.

Kalium sulphuricum 3x Menses too late, white discharge with itching, scanty, with feeling of weight in abdomen.: Menstruation too late, itchy, white discharge, and a feeling of weight in the abdomen. Kalium sulphuricum 3x.

Natrum muriaticum 3x Leucorrhea acrid, watery. Bearing-down pains, vaginal discharge; like boiled starch; vaginal discharge transparent and white.: Natrum muriaticum 3x Bearing-down pains, watery leucorrhea, vaginal discharge that is transparent and white and smells like boiled starch.

Dosage of SBL Bio Combination 13

Four tablets per day for adults, or four times every three hours.

Kids: 1–2 tablets, 4 times daily.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Homeo FormsBiocombination Tablet
Price₹ 655

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