SBL Bio Combination 5 (450g) : Coryza (Thick Nasal Discharge), Sinusitis, Sneezing, Nasal Blockage


Also known as

Biocomb No. 5 (Bc No. 5), Biocomb No. 5,



529 (gms)


Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 12.5 cm

SBL Bio Combination 5

BC 5- Coryza

Composition of SBL Bio Combination 5

  • 3 times of kalium muriaticum
  • 6x Natrum muriaticum
  • phosphoric acid ferrum-3x
  • 3x Kalium Sulfurum

Indications of SBL Bio Combination 5

  • headache and sneezing from coryza.
  • Due to mucous membrane inflammation, there is persistent, thick, white discharge from the nose or bronchial tubes.

Action of Biochemic medicine in SBL Bio Combination 5

Kalium muriaticum – 3x: Cold, stuffy, in head, with whitish grey tongue; with white, non-transparent, or yellowish discharge. Sore throat, sore sinuses, ear pains, hard cough with white mucus, and sore throats as well.

Natrum muriaticum – 6x: Internal nose pain, violent sneezing coryza, loss of taste and smell, violent flu-like coryza lasting one to three days before changing to stoppage of the nose, which makes breathing challenging

Ferrum phosphoricum-3x: First stage of a cold includes a runny or blocked nose, catarrh, postnasal drip, and a sore, irritated throat.

Kalium sulphuricum – 3x: Mouth breathing, clogged nose, and nasal discharge that is yellow

Dosage of SBL Bio Combination 5

Four tablets per day for adults, or four times every three hours.

Kids: 1–2 tablets, 4 times daily.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
Homeo FormsBiocombination Tablet
Price₹ 655

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