Willmar Schwabe India Alpha HA (Headache) (30ml) : Helps in Headache due to Over Exertion, Tension, Stress Emotional Factors




83 (gms)


3.5 cm by 3.5 cm by 9.5 cm

About Alpha HA (Headache)

The most efficient natural remedy for headaches caused by a variety of factors

  • alleviates tearing, throbbing, digging, and boring pain
  • the occiput, temples, and forehead are all pain-free
  • reduces headache brought on by excessive sun exposure
  • additionally eases headache brought on by excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, or tobacco

Action of Composition in Alpha HA (Headache)

Spigelia anthelmia 3x 10%: Eyelid stiffness and pain complaints, as well as a slight giddiness and trembling tendency when standing straight.

Belladonna 3x 10%: Pain is made worse by light, noise, and jarring, lying down, in the afternoon, and in the forehead, occiput, and temples. The head is drawn back and rolled from side to side.

Glonoinum 5x 10%: Headaches brought on by the sun; frequency varies.

Nux vomica 3x 10%: Scalp sensitivity, headache over the eyes or in the occiput, frontal pain that makes you want to bang your head against something, and congestive headache that is typically worse in the sun.

Secale cornutum 3x 10%: With the head tilted back, a pale face, and congestive pain,

45% by volume of alcohol is present in excipients.

Direction of use of Alpha HA (Headache)

Dosage: Unless the doctor instructs otherwise, 10-20 drops every 12 hours. As the symptoms subside, gradually reduce the dose to 10-20 drops three times per day. If the problem persists, seek medical advice.

Note: The product contains alcohol; if you have serious liver or alcohol problems, are a woman who is pregnant or nursing, or if you have children, you should not use this product.

Side effects: The Alpha-HA compound has no known negative effects.

Contra-indications: There are no known contraindications to using alpha-HA.

Interactions: None that are currently known.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Brand Dr. Willmar Schwabe India
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Drops
Price ₹ 110

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