Willmar Schwabe India Phytolacca Berry Tablets (20g) : Helps Managing Excess Weight, Increase Fat Metabolism




90 (gms)


3.8, 3.8, and 7.7 millimeters

About Phytolacca Berry Tablets

To successfully manage your weight

  • made with real ingredients, imported fresh Phytolacca berries from North America.
  • Because it has a positive effect on digestion and absorption, it reduces calorie intake.
  • Manage hyperacidity and a sense of weakness brought on by a reduction in food intake at the same time.
  • Women who had gained weight after giving birth saw good weight loss results.
  • With a few dietary restrictions and consistent exercise, you can lose 5 kg of weight in about two months.
  • Additionally, the Phytolacca Berry tablets from Schwabe India have no side effects.

Direction of use

Dosage: Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, take 1 to 2 tablets three times daily for a while, then take 1 tablet every day before meals as a maintenance dose. If symptoms do not improve, see a specialist.

Side effects: The use of Phytolacca Berry Tablets during pregnancy and lactation should be limited to necessary amounts after consulting with a specialist. It is recommended that children not use this product. In cases of lactose intolerance, a laxative effect can be observed.

Contra-indications: Phytolacca Berry Tablets have no known contraindications for use.

Interactions: Unless specifically instructed otherwise by a doctor, Phytolacca Berry Tablets can be taken with other medications because there are no known interactions between them and other products.

Do you really want to lose weight, though?

In recent years, homeopathy and homoeopathy have emerged as the top choices for weight loss.

Along with physical activity and a restricted diet, Phytolacca berry, a well-known homoeopathic remedy, has been used for decades to treat overweight and obesity.

The ingredient responsible for its anti-obesity activity has been identified, and recent studies have discovered that the drug’s weight-reducing effect is primarily due to a glycoprotein present called pokeweed mitogen. Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Phytolacca Berry Tablets have been getting good results in weight loss without affecting general health, and they have been scientifically validated.

The good news is that overweight and obesity are largely preventable and treatable. Of all the dietary components, fat consumption is by far the most significant contributor to adiposity. Restricting fat intake is the most important factor in weight loss.

If taken for extended periods of time, these homeopathic weight-loss pills assist in managing and maintaining body weight.

Green vegetables and fruits should make up a large portion of any diet for losing weight because they are low in calories and fill you up quickly.

Eating patterns have been found to be associated with the propensity to put on weight. A person who eats quickly may do so more quickly than someone who eats more slowly because they consume more food overall.

A walk of an hour at a speed of three miles per hour will burn about 240 extra calories (or more for a heavy person) above basal, which is another benefit of managing obesity.

If used in conjunction with the aforementioned recommendations for extended periods of time, the most well-known homeopathic weight-loss medication, Phytolacca Berry Tablets, has been showing promising results in helping women who tend to maintain obesity after childbirth lose weight without compromising their general health.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing this medication, we have assumed that you sought medical advice and are not using it for self-medication.

Brand Dr. Willmar Schwabe India
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Tablet
Price ₹ 145

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