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Skin Disease

Everyone should bear in mind that such an extensive surface as the skin is not a mere covering; it is something else too—more important than a mere covering. It is one of the most important excretory organs of the body, especially in this tropical climate. Regarding its anatomy, it is made up of three layers, which are from above downwards—

  • External, epidermal or scalp-skin layer; it contains no nerves or blood-vessels.
  • Middle or colour bearing layer.
  • Internal or Dermal or true skin layer. The last one is richly supplied with blood-vessels and nerves.

Bakson Sulphur Cream (25g)

Baksons Sulphur cream: Cream that fights bacteria Sulphur: It is recommended for dry, scaly, unhealthy skin; freckles; itching, burning; worse washing; pustule eruption; rhagades; hang-nails; skin affections after local medication;…

Dollar Lichensa Ointment (20g)

20g of Dollar Lichensa Cream Lichensa Ointment is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, as well as eczema, fungal infections of the toes, back pain, dry skin, cracked skin, diaper dermatitis, and other conditions. It is also used…

Ldd Pedi-care Cream 50gm

For the treatment of dry skin conditions like cracked heels, chilblains, eczema, calloused and chapped feet, tinea pedis (non-inflammatory dryness and scaling of the skin), severe hyperkeratotic discomfort, and miner burn, cut, and wounds.…

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