Homeopathy Medicine for Spermatorrhoea


The biggest concern for young men is spermatorrhoea, a type of sexual disorder that is defined as the emission of semen without copulation.


The main causes of Spermatorrhoea are

  • neurological dysfunction
  • failure of the urinary and genital tracts
  • Frequent masturbatio
  • The exit of the urinal is narrow.
  • Taking sexual thoughts too lightly
  • Sexual discontentment
  • Testicular irritation brought on by the front skin’s stiffness
  • Fissures, piles, and other disorders of the rectus
  • Stimulation after the contact
  • Filled bladder sensation


PHOSPHORIC ACID –Very effective medication for permatorrhoea. Usually prescribed when there is severe weakness followed by seminal emission.

CALADIUM –There is a flabby glans penis, which is suitable when there is no emission and an extended orgasm during coitus. This medication is useful for nocturnal emission that occurs with or without dreams.

CONIUM MACULATUM –Very helpful when emission start on thinking of a sexual act or the sight of an attractive woman. There is seminal emissions by mere contact with great weakness of back and spine following emission. Given when emission is brought on by the slightest provocation. Suited to the patient who is hypochondriac, melancholic, and excitable.

SELENIUM –Given when prostatic fluid oozes while sitting, sleeping, walking, or pooping. There is great irritability of the sexual organs. Suited to the patient who feels insecure. Useful for night emissions that are too rapid with long-lasting thrill. There is great weakness in the morning and vertigo upon rising.

AGNUS CASTUS –Given when the genital organs are cold and relaxed, there is seminal emissions without erections and scanty emissions without ejaculation, which is useful for treating spermatorrhoea in older men who have spent the majority of their lives engaging in excessive venery.

BUFO RNA –Very effective medication when the patient yearns for solitude to indulge in his vice. There is quick ejaculation, without thrill, with spasms and painful limb trembling. There is frequent nocturnal emissions, followed by debility.slow emission, or entirely absent; aversion to coitus; impotence; imbecility with loss of all decency; masturbation or coitus causes convulsions, simulating those of epilepsy,

The prostatic portion of the urethra becomes irritable, and there is great emaciation, dark circles under the eyes, and a sallow face as a result of masturbation. This remedy is best suited for boys who are shy and depressed, hypochondriacs, and who allow their minds to wander too much to sexual topics.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUMLycopodium, also known as Old Man’s Balm, is prescribed when a patient has complete impotence, erections that are absent or imperfect, small, cold, and shriveled genital organs, and night emission in men without erections. Lycopodium people prefer warm food and beverages and have a sweet tooth.

NUX VOMICANux vomica is a crucial remedy when the patient experiences headaches, frequent involuntary emissions at night, especially toward morning, and weak digestive organs. It is best suited to city men who lead sedentary lives and drink alcohol. There is an irritable condition from sexual excesses, with erections occurring but they are not lasting.

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