St. George Bach Flower Rock Water (30ml) : Stubborn, rigid patient, Perfectionist, worried about self

Stone water

St. George Bach Flower Rock Water

Denial and self-stigma

  • excessive self-importance
  • Educated and constricted individuals
  • Rigidity of outlook, often physical as well, is the remedy for those who have strong opinions and who let prized theories rule their minds.
  • Self-martyrdom, self-discipline, and self-discipline.
  • Because they are so focused on maintaining their own perfection and serving as an example for others to follow, they typically do not meddle in the lives of others.

They may be very religious or have other ideals that govern their lives, and as they work to achieve these ideals or follow their particular faith, they chastise themselves if they should stray from their determined path. They expect perfection in all they do and dislike shoddiness, laziness, or a similar attitude in others. The Bach Flower Rock water may be very religious or have certain other ideals that govern their lives.

courtesy of Farokh J. Master’s Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone

Human Indication of Bach Flower Rock water

It’s a sign when you hold yourself to an excessively high standard and are overly strict with yourself that you become a martyr for yourself.

Brand St. George’s
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Homeo Forms Bach Flower Remedies
Price ₹ 150

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