Homeopathy Medicine for Streptococcus


a family of facultatively aerobic, gram-positive cocci that can grow in groups of two or more.

The lactic group, enterococcus group, viridans group, and pyogenic group can all be distinguished from it.

  • The betahemolytic pathogens that affect both humans and animals make up the first group.
  • The upper respiratory tract and the intestinal tract, respectively, both contain alphahemolytic parasitic forms that occur as normal flora in the second and third, while saprophytic forms make up the fourth.

Streptococcus pneumoniaea little, encapsulated, slightly elongated coccus with a pointed or lanc-shaped end;

The most frequent cause of lobar pneumonia, as well as serious cases of meningitis, septicemia, empyema, and peritonitis, is caused by the organisms, which frequently occur in pairs.

Also known as pneumococcus, this organism is distinguished by the polysaccharide present in the capsular substance.

Streptococcus pyo’genesa beta-hemolytic, toxic, pyogenic species that affects humans and can lead to acute glomerulonephritis, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, puerperal fever, and other illnesses.

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