These symptoms seen in children may be Tuberculosis (TB)


These symptoms seen in children may be tuberculosis (TB)

Know how the symptoms of Tuberculosis (TB) are seen in children

Tuberculosis (TB) is also known as Consumption. It is an infectious disease. Which attacks the children directly? Children always live with adults and the infection spreads among them by coming in contact with a TB patient. This is a disease related to the lungs. However, it spreads to many parts of the body. In this disease, the child starts having trouble breathing. Children’s organs are very delicate, so the effect of TB is more on them.

TB is more dangerous in children than in adults. TB can also lead to the death of a child. There can be many types of TB in children, such as primary, complex, progressive primary TB, miliary TB (severe type), brain TB, bone TB, etc. They can have many symptoms.

Tuberculosis (TB) Symptoms In Children


Persistent cough in the child for two weeks or more. In the beginning, dry cough comes, later with cough blood also starts coming out in the phlegm, which is the main symptom of TB in the child. Apart from this, in this disease, while breathing during cough, the child starts feeling short of breath and due to lack of oxygen, the child may also faint.


The germs of tuberculosis spread from the lungs of the child and reach other parts of the body very quickly. In progressive primary TB, the child remains more ill. Due to this, low-grade fever persists in the child. The child starts sweating while sleeping at night.

Weight Loss

Weight loss occurs when a child has TB. Due to tuberculosis, the child does not feel hungry and he refuses to eat, due to which his weight starts decreasing continuously.

Stay Sluggish

Due to cough and fever, the immunity of the child is greatly reduced. Due to this, the energy of the child decreases and he starts to remain lethargic. The child gets tired after walking or playing for a while. He is not interested in any kind of sport.

Skin Changes

The skin of a child is very delicate, so due to TB, his skin starts turning yellow or red. Apart from this, the child also starts getting skin infections.

Prevention of Tuberculosis (TB)

Tobacco should not be consumed and smoked in the house where there is a small child. Because indirect smoking increases the chances of TB in children by 2-3 times. If there is a TB patient in the house or in the neighbourhood, then do not allow the child to come in contact with him at all. Malnutrition and anaemia are often found in children with TB.


Children are at higher risk of getting TB. TB can prove to be fatal as well as affecting the normal development of children. In such a situation, medical help should be immediately sought after seeing its symptoms.

If you have any questions regarding your problem, please do not forget to consult your doctor. Only Homeopathy does not provide any kind of medical consultation and treatment.

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