Homeopathy Medicine for Urethritis


A patient gives a history of pain, swelling, redness of the meatus and scalding during micturition. There is pus or muco-purulent discharge, usually in the morning. It is a case of URETHRITIS.

There are two types of urethritis: those that are specific to gonococci infections and those that are not, and they can both be brought on by different types of infections.

Management and Treatment of Urethritis

Recurrent urethral discharge develops after coitus or after an alcoholic evening; this is a feature of chronic infection. The symptoms typically appear 5–30 days after intercourse. The urethral discharge may be scanty or copious, muco–purulent or purulent. There may be penile pain on passing urine, posterior urethritis or urethrocystitis. It causes haematuria and increased frequency of urination. Prostatitis and epi

Cannabis sativacause drooling and itching in the testes, urine that is turbid, white, or reddish and looks like it contains blood and pus, itching and inflammatory swelling of the prepuce, glans, and penis with deep redness and phimosis, urethra that is sensitive, and the need for the patient to walk with their legs apart.

Cantharis vesicatoriaa strong desire and painful erection, painful swelling of the genitalia, bloody semen, burning in the urethra after sex, cutting pains running from the kidney down the urethra, strangularity, and the ability to pass only a few drops of blood are all symptoms.

Petroselinumis prescribed for urethral tingling and lancinating pain, frequent but ineffective urination, intense biting and pain deep within the urethra, and milky fluid and albuminous yellow discharge.

Mercurius solubilisis characterized by frequent urges to urinate, burning after urinating, greenish discharge from the urethra, and frequent pollutions in the morning. It is also indicated by swollen glans, prepuce, and prepuce, as well as swollen and hard testicles.

Medorrhinumis effective for treating urethritis with heaviness in the prostate, frequent and painful urination, gleet, a sore and painful urethra, and frequent urination with a desire for ice.

Thuja occidentalishas warts on the prepuce, inflammation of the prepuce and glans, swelling of the prepuce, balanitis, and unpleasant-smelling genitalia. The sweat on the genitalia has a sweet scent.

Argentums nitricumThe patient urinates continuously throughout the day and night without being aware of it. The urethra is painful and inflamed. The patient also has a divided stream, early gonorrhea, which is characterized by profuse discharge and excruciating cutting pains, as well as impotence.

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