Gojihvaadi Quaath – Bronchodilator Syrup


The Gojivaadi Quaath

  • reduces nasal and laryngeal mucus swelling and has a calming effect on inflamed lung cells.
  • lung cavity healing and pain relief.
  • purges the lung tissue impacted by contaminant from the environment
  • encourages bronchial elasticity for simple gas exchange in alveoli
  • enables comfortable breathing by widening the windpipe tree

What drug should I take if I regularly have a cough, a cold, or irritation in my lungs?

The best over-the-counter treatment for cough, cold, and irritation of the lung cells is called gojivaadi quaath, and it is made by Yamuna Pharmacy.

Gojivaadi quaath: What is it?

A herbal liquid for oral consumption called gojivaadi quaath is sweet and contains herbs.

What ingredients make up the Gojivaadi Quaath?

Gaujaban, Multhi, Saunf, Munakka, Anjir, Unnab, Adoosa, Joofa, Sapistan, Khoobkalan, Hansraj, Gul Banafsha, Alsi, Khatmai, Kantakari, and Kali Marich are all included in the Gojivaadi Quaath, which is made of a syrup base.

How much Gojivaadi quaath should you take?

Two to three teaspoonfuls of gojivaadi quaath are taken four times daily with potable water.

What Gojivaadi quaath dosage is suggested for kids?

Children should take a half to one teaspoon of Gojivaadi quaath three times per day with potable water.

Who is in charge of the Gojivaadi quaath manufacturing process and supervision?

GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay), MSc (Med. Botany), BAMS, and Bsc (chemistry) personnels work as an expert team to oversee the manufacturing of Gojivaadi Quaath.

What exactly is the Gojivaadi quaath supply pack?

PET bottles with a capacity of 200 ml are available for purchase with gojivaadi quaath.

BrandYamuna Pharmacy
Container TypePet Bottle
Shelf Life2 years
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Form FactorSyrup
Price₹ 185

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